Would you sell.....

  1. Hello,

    I have a situation and I am not quite sure how to handle it and I would love your advice.

    I listed a Chanel bag for auction witih a BIN option. Almost immediatly it was bought. The person is registered in the U.S., but when I went to invoice, there location is in Taiwan. I have my preferences set to reject Taiwan, but she got through since her registration is U.S.

    She only has 6 feedback, 100% all very high end items (mostly Chanel). Her recent activity shows that since last month she has bid on and won 7 Chanel items. There is no feedback yet on these items so I don't know how they worked out.

    So my question is this..... What would you do? Would you sell to her? If so, what payment would you accept. Paypal will not protect me. I would love to sell the bag, but I don't want to loose it.

    I emailed her and told her that I do not normally sell to Taiwan and cannot accept Paypal. I told her MO or WU. She emailed me back saying she really wants the bag, but it was very late there and she will contact me. In the meantime, my bag sits in limbo.....

    Advise Please? :confused1:
    Thank you.
  2. If she comes through with a MO, I'd sell her the bag. I don't know about WU, but if it's protected/guaranteed $, then I'd be fine with that, too.
  3. Tricky situation. From a buyer's standpoint, it is extremely risky to send a MO or WU (in fact, eBay states to not send payment through WU). For large ticket items, paypal is truly the way to go.

    However, it's your item, so perhaps you can just tell her that you won't ship it internationally and relist. It wouldn't be fair to give her neg feedback, because of the loophole with the registration preferences.
  4. It sounds pretty risky to me as you say that Paypal will not protect you. Buyers with such low feedback and high priced items with no feedback reflecting those transactions would certainly give me cause for concern. It seems to me that it would be a better choice to deal with U.S. bidders only if thats what you prefer. There are alot of people out there more than likely looking for a Chanel bag like yours...and may be more responsible bidders with feedback to reflect that. That's just my opinion...I would rather not worry and possibly risk losing the bag or money.
  5. Thanks for your replies. I state in my auction for international buyers to contact me prior to bidding and she did not. It irritates me that she bought the bag so quickly. I had strategicly set it up for this week and now I have to wait to relist it.

    If she wants to send me another form of payment that I can have clear before I send the bag I will accept. There is no way I am using paypal!
  6. if i wore you i would only accept bank transfer cause money order can be faked and paypal is not safe.
  7. may i ask why not?

    and what about bidpay.com?
  8. photoobsessive,

    I won't use paypal because I am not protected. I have heard of people doing chargebacks once they have the item and there is nothing you can do about it.

    I don't know anything about bidpay. Would someone please enlighten me?
  9. In this case i would only accept bank transfer
  10. I was told by an eBay Trust & Safety person recently that they will be prohibiting sales of high end bags such as yours to Taiwan and other places they've identified as high counterfeiting places. You will probably get little to no support from eBay if this transaction goes bad. I would do wire transfer or kill the sale.
  11. How do you do a wire transfer? I thought that it was risky because you have to give personal bank info?

    Sorry, I am a complete novice at this.
  12. You do have to provide the seller with a transit / routing number and bank account number. You should talk to your bank and see if they have an in and out type of account. Potentially, you could have the $ wired to a general bank account (not yours personally) and your bank could then transfer the $ into your personal account.
  13. Please do not accept Paypal as payment. I was just scammed this way from a buyer at a confirmed address in London. She'd doing a chargeback (sold to her on Dec. 11th!) and there's nothing I can do about it. Now she has my bag and is probably getting a refund.
  14. Sorry to hear that:sad: . I really don't get how paypal can do that! It's the seller that is bringing them the business and yet they don't protect them!

    I am definitely NOT accepting paypal. She asked to pay with MO. I let her know that the bag will not ship until payment has cleared. I am giving her a few more days to come through and if she doesn't, I"ll relist it. What a pain though.....
  15. Money order, and wait 10 days to be sure it clears.