would you sell your I'M NOT A PLASTIC BAG???

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  1. silly question, but I stood on line for 3 hours on june 20 to get anya hindmarch's I'M NOT A PLASTIC BAG

    sold one for $150 and kept the other one for myself :wlae: the prices on eBay were steadily decreasing and some were being sold for as low as $70 right after i sold mine

    but i just checked eBay and the prices are going up again! upwards of $220+

    would you guys sell your own to make a profit??? should i sell it and go wait on line again at whole foods to get more ? (though i really don't want to, it was exhausting enough)
    or would you guys just keep it.

    i am broke as hell and the option is looking mighty fine. a lot people are telling me to sell it because once the fad wears off i'm going to regret not selling it when i had the chance.
    but to be one of the few people to have something everyone else seems to want and getting it at such a low price.... feels so freakin' great!

  2. I would and then I'd buy something else. It's an OK bag but not a $200 bag IMO. So I would sell it to some crazy willing to pay that and then get something else :smile:
  3. id sell it if i was u!!
  4. No way. I would sell if I had an extra of one of the colors, or trade that color for another color.

    But every time I go to the checkout, the grocery ladies comment on how nice my bag is. On three separate occasions in Brooklyn, I have been stopped on the side of the street and asked about it. And my friends all think it's cool that I got an IT bag for so cheap.

    To me it's just not worth the money to sell, because I could never get another one for so cheap and I really like having one.
  5. Oh Hell No!!! I wouldnt sell it at all......
  6. Sell now! One just sold on eBay for $350!!! The Anya Hindmarch website says that these bags are going to be available at Whole Foods on July 18th, so I would imagine that prices will fall again after that. Good luck!
  7. ooh its a toughie. My mum was desperate for one of these and our local stores only got 10 each, so one part of me hated the fact that genuine people couldnt get a look in, but everyone else is doing it so why not!! Limited edition bags always sell highly, its just a shame that this one particular bag is supposed to be sold for good causes :biggrin:
  8. Yes, I would sell. My grocery offers their own for around 5 dollars. Celebs aren't carrying them, but you might as well cash in now!
  9. Nothing wrong with cashing in on a fad. It's done all the time on eBay. I myself have done it several times. Remember when PS3 came out? Systems were going for over $1K on eBay. I only wish I could get the bag here in San Francisco -- but I am not going to pay $100+ for it since I don't want it that badly. Sure, I'd pay $15 for it, though.
  10. sell it
  11. I agree! I sold two and got me the Burberry that I really, really wanted.
  12. SELL! I have a list of bags I want to purchase .... if I had one, and could make a few hundred dollars, you bet I would SELL! LOL!
  13. I'd sell it.
  14. I would sell it. I do not understand the hype for this ugly bag.
  15. I would but then donate some of the money to charity. I'd feel bad knowing some of the original proceeds were supposed to go to charity, then end up taking all the profit for myself.
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