Would you sell your gifts from family?

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  1. So, I am thinking about selling some pieces of jewelry that my husband and my mother have given me over the years. It's just sitting there. I feel a little bad about it. My husband tells me to go ahead if it's just sitting there and to buy myself something newer. What do you guys think?
  2. I see nothing wrong with it since you asked your husband already. If there is no to little nostalgic value to it, sell it and get something you'll use :tup:

  3. Thanks I think I'm going to go ahead. I really don't like hoarding stuff. I just needed that extra push to not feel guilty lol.
  4. Definitely sell, especially with the go ahead with your husband! Get something you'll use!
  5. If your hubby truly doesn't mind, than why not? The stuff from your mom though, is it heirloom or just little things she's bought you through the years? My friend's mother had given her this broach that my friend knew was her grandmothers. Well my friend had it appraised because she though it was just old costume jewelry. Nope. Worth quite a lot. She held on to it to give to her granddaughter when she's older.

  6. Thank you. Sure will ;)

  7. It's little things here and there. The newer stuff is Pandora which I'm not really into like that. Smart move of your friend.
  8. Keep the stuff from your mom.
    I have a ring (was sitting in the box for approx. 20 years) and some
    newer stuff (charms from Sabo) which I was not really into.
    But beginning of this year I lost her and I am very happy that I did not sell
    or gave it away, because now I am wearing it.
    If you don't need the money, keep it.
  9. I agree with liz.... unless it's trunk loads of stuff just hold onto it. It might not have much sentimental value now... but that can all change.

    I have some broken/junk bits and pieces from my grandma, tbh I don't know how they came to be in my possession... I used to look after her a lot in her last days (when I was a teen). Anyway over a decade later I came across these 'junk' bits and I treasure them more then gold or silver now!

    I also have a necklace and earrings set from my now estranged sister. I didn't know one day we would become estranged and I do miss her... that jewellery set that never meant anything to me before now means so much. Makes me feel she's a little bit closer then she actually is...
  10. I am in favour of selling it if you don't wear it, maybe keep one or two pieces as a memory and for sentimental reasons, but not everything. Recently I did the same with one yellow gold set (necklace and bracelet) I got ten years ago from my mother-in-law. I never ever wear yellow gold, it was just sitting in a box all this time. Before I did anything, I checked with my husband if he was OK with that, it was a gift from his mom after all.
    I went to the jewelry store she originally bought it from, they told me how much it was worth now and I chose a beautiful white gold ring and earrings which I would surely wear. If I had taken the money I would have spent it on God knows what, this way I have the ring and the earrings to remind me of her, instead of that original set which was never my preference anyway and was a bit old fashioned.
  11. I would sell them. My hubby and my inlaws are generous people and they have gifted me with several items over the years. I sold those that I did not like and make it a point to wear frequently those that I fancied to family gatherings.
  12. If they have no sentimental value to you and you don't wear them, sell them.
  13. I've sold jewelry pieces I received from my mother in law and my mother. I used the funds to purchase a new Rolex which I wear almost every day. That was a decision I have never regretted as I love and wear my Rolex so often versus having the jewelry sitting at the safe deposit box and not wearing them.
  14. If you aren't wearing it, I would sell it and buy something you'll wear. Memories are more special to me vs a piece of jewelry sitting, unworn.
  15. I dunno..it was easy for me to sell bags my hubby bought me but never the jewelry. I dont have the heart to sell it. Keep your moms jewelry at least...