Would you sell your bags that you've never used?

  1. I'm asking because I'm planning to part with my heart coin purse. I bought it when it came out and it's still sitting pretty in my closet. I've never used it once! I feel there's no point of keeping things I'm not going to use. At the same time, I feel I should hold on to it because it's LE. I'm still debating and would like to hear from you guys.
  2. that's a hard one, but I'm leaning more towards letting it go.
  3. OMG, I sooooo want one. I would say sell it to me:graucho: . But the nice side of me says to keep it since it's looking to be such a rare piece.
  4. I would sell it :yes: I would only hold onto something unused if I really loved it and thought it was ridiculously cute...not just because it is LE.
  5. i would sell it if it's it's not something that would see the light of day. you should use the money to get something more useful for yourself. and i'm sure others are dying for one (read: kuuipo ;)).
  6. I've definitely got bags that haven't even been used and have sold a couple. There are a few more I really should get around to selling and buy something I will actually use. So sell it!
  7. I would sell it if you don't use it- I've done the same thing bought something cause it was cute but realized later on that it just didn't work for me- so I've sold some things to fund new:p items
  8. If you dont use it sell it. I'm awaiting an azur pochette and mini pochette and both are brand new. I think im going to sell them and to buy a saleya. I wish i had gotten the saleya in the first place.
  9. Sell it and get something that you would like more. About to do the same with all my wife's unused bags.
  10. I think you should sell it. You can use the cash to get yourself something you'd use..also the item wouldn't go to waste!
  11. Yes I would sell a bag that I haven't used & have done! Sometimes I just go crazy for a bag then when I get it & have it a while I go off it & wonder what I saw in it in the first place!
  12. I definitely would... and use the money for more LV! :biggrin:
  13. Think im the only odd one here.. personally i keep my LE cherry blossom bags/accessories even tho i dont use them.. :p just love to admire them.. LOL and i know its hard to buy them back if i ever regret selling them.
  14. Absolutely!:yes: There was a time when I did hang on to things because I thought I would either "use them some day" or because they were "limited edition" items but in the end, it's just an accessory that can be converted into something that you will actually use!:idea:
  15. I would sell it :yes: