Would you sell to a Buyer with Negative Feedback

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  1. Hey. Im so hesitant these days of any buyer since I've been scammed recently. Was wondering if you guys would sell a high priced item to a buyer with almost 200 feedback but about 10 negatives? The negatives are mostly around bidding and not paying or item not as described

    Take a chance on her or wait until the right buyer comes along?
  2. No
  3. 10 is too many. I would not.
  4. Block them.
  5. Unless you want to be the 11th person who has problems, I wouldn't sell. Someone else will come along, why take a chance on the aggravation?
  6. Same thoughts as everyone else
  7. Block and run!
  8. NPB is not a problem to me if they have paid. Other NEG for fighting reasons will be a serious problem to me. But I have no idea how to avoid them, they paid, if youdon't send the package, your fault. Usually I will just pack very carefully with wrist band and took extra photoes incase. Luckily so far so good.

    didn't see your 10 out of 200 despcription. leave her alone!!!!!!!!!
  9. Block the buyer. I had a woman who had close to 3,000 feedback give me the hardest time about my shipping policies after the auction ended (even though the rate I quoted her ended up being too low and I ultimately lost money on shipping). I really regret not reading her feedback prior to the auction ending because even though she had a bunch of positives, she also had about 6 negatives from people who said she did the exact same thing. If it looks like there's even a chance this transaction will turn into a pain in the ass, don't risk it.
  10. One or two negatives maybe (depending on the reasons) but ten is way too many. I wouldn't take the risk unless you're looking for a huge headache.
  11. I sold to a buyer the other day with a lot of negs and neutrals, but they are for his slow shipping as a seller, nothing to do with his buying habits. It all depends on what the negs are for. If it's for non-payment, and he's already paid you, then no problem. If you don't have immediate payment required, I would have to pass on him.
  12. 10 negs are just too many IMO....I would consider selling to someone with 1-3 negatives but 10...nope, I´d wait until the right buyer comes along as I´m sure will happen! Good luck SpcialK

  13. Depends on how the negative feedback says. Since the new feedback policy took effect, I looked up buyers' feedback even they are positive and see if there are any alerts. I really hate the new feedback policy.
  14. Everything I list has an 'immediate payment required' on a BIN - I don't do auctions anymore (but from what I understand is going to bite me in the butt starting in September) so I eliminate any hassles....
    Just a thought....