Would you sell this..for this..

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  1. #1 Apr 13, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2016
    Would you sell your Empreinte Speedy 30 in Noir and your Chanel Silver hardware WOC for a Caviar Chanel Jumbo Double Flap? Seriously contemplating this or just buying 2 LV's. Would be my biggest bag purchase and that makes me nervous!
  2. Definitely get the Chanel jumbo! I love LV but a Chanel flap is classic & timeless. Plus, the pricing just keeps increasing on the flaps & boys bags so if you want to have one as a staple in your collection, there is no time like the present. Good luck with your choice! :smile:
  3. I personally wouldn't. I heard that Chanel won't perform repairs on bags older than 5 years (don't know if it's 100% true) and the caviar leather is quite prone to scuffing or showing scrapes.
  4. Thanks for your input! I thought I read that the Caviar was the toughest? I'm not a Chanel girl normally ..more of a Louis so I am not sure. Anyone know if the repair info is true!?
  5. I am a sucker for black and I just keep going back to this back over and over! So chic.
  6. I personally would.

    The Chanel jumbo flap is so hard to find brand new (took me a long time to find a boutique that had it brand new in caviar black and GHW). AND in the time it took for me to find it, the price increased astronomically! Makes me wish I got it sooner rather than later!

    Having said all that, you need to go with your gut and buy the bag(s) that makes you most happy in the end.
  7. I would.
  8. Do you know if they repair bags over 5 years old? Someone on the thread thought possibly not? I hope that wouldn't be the case. I like my WOC but never use it. It just looks pretty on my shelf. I feel like the jumbo would suit my needs better. Thanks for your advise :smile:
  9. The new rule is no reimbursement over 5 years but if your stitches came out, etc. You can get it repaired.
    But I prefer LV after sale service than Chanel.

    I sold my jumbo last year since it looks gaint on me as i am only 5'2, and it's wayyyyy too heavy to carry as an everyday bag.
  10. lambskin is prone to scuffing, not caviar..
  11. I would*
  12. Is it for Chanel? I initially thought it was the Caviar because have a lambskin leather jacket and it doesn't have any marks despite being a couple of years old. My bad:sweatdrop:
  13. I think every girl needs a classic Chanel and it doesn't get more classic than the Jumbo Flap in black caviar. So I would say go for it. I do not own much Chanel but I do have a Jumbo black caviar with SHW and would never think of parting with it. Bought it ages ago for 2200USD- I can only imagine what they go for now.
  14. $5500 I tried one on this past weekend in New York. I like the Maxi Jumbo and it's $6000. At these prices I just can't justify it even though I do think it's a classic staple. Besides, I'm just not a chain purse kinda gal. I find them very uncomfortable.
  15. I'm just such a LV girl..scared to switch. I love the fact that with my LV..if anything happens it can usually be repaired. With spending a lot of money, it's good piece of mind to me.
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