Would you sell these Barbies?

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Would you sell these Barbies?

  1. No, I would keep them

  2. Yes, I would sell them

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. We are moving in less than a month and won't have much storage space where we are going. I sold more than half my Barbie collection on eBay already but these 2 have been on the "sell or not to sell" list. They are beautiful dolls but their boxes are HUGE and take up a lot of room. Plus we can use the money towards moving. We will be renting a POD for our things and they will be stored for more than a year. I don't want them to get ruined even though the storage facility is climate controlled.

    What would you do? Would you store them and hope they aren't ruined or would you give them a happy home with someone else?? I'm so torn :shrugs:

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  2. for me, i have never been a collector of sorts, so i might not be the appropriate person to ask, but i would sell them.

    honestly, what purpose do they hold other than just sitting there collecting dust? the fact that you have sold your other ones tells me you're ready to part with them! if they held sentimental value like they were your original barbies when you were a little girl, then i'd think twice about it.

    but if you purchased them for monetary/collectable purposes only, then i'd sell them.

    also, the fact that you need the money, should make the decision that much eaiser for you as well. why keep them stored for that long anyway?

    again, i have never been into collecting anything other than books, which for me, are useful and don't take up a lot of room in my home.
  3. I'm a collector of things too, and I recently starting parting with some of my prized purses by selling what I don't use - those dolls aren't going to pay the bills just sitting there...it may be hard to part with them at first, but once the $$ is there, you kind of forget even wanting them because now you're focused on mailing them out!
  4. The thing is..the dolls that I haven't sold I knew right away there was no way i was selling them...these I'm torn on so I know that if I sold them I probably wouldn't miss them. However, if I did sell them and missed them I would be mad at myself. Right now I'm just mad that I can't make a stupid decision.
  5. I would keep them until you 100% sure your ready to get rid of them.
  6. I've been selling things I've collected for years to pay my bills. It's hard, but I need the money more right now. If you could use the money I would sell. If the money won't make that much of a difference I'd hang onto them until you know for sure.
  7. I have sold off huge parts of my Barbie/Fashion Royalty collection, shoes, bags, etc I have been careful about keeping truly unique (LE/OOAKs, etc)...and very rarely have I regretted selling anything and the few times I have, I simply repurchased them.
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    OMG!!!! Those two are beautiful I don't think I would sell them. I had a Barbie collection but I lost them all during my move I was sooo hurt. I want to start my collection all over. So if you want to s**** not allowed!!! Read rules please!!!!*******
  9. personally, i wouldn't sell them. coz im a barbie fan and those two are really beautiful. huge thing to a collection. but then if you really need the money, then sell them. really a tough decision to make.
  10. Couldn't of agreed more
  11. I have to ideas. One, sell them. Maybe use the money for stuff you need or buy a doll that takes up less space. Two, pick the one you like the best and sell the other. I wouldn't "waste" limited storage space over things that you don't know you want.
  12. i wouldn't sell them, but that's because i've always been a barbie fan and can't even part with the ones i used to play with as a child :P but really, how much could they sell for? i don't really know if the money would make that big of a difference.
  13. oh my they are gorgeous I would keep them
  14. They really wouldn't sell for much
  15. i would keep them.