Would you sell Mono Speedy 30 for Manhattan PM?

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  1. I really want a Manhattan PM but then I wonder if I will ever use my Mono Speedy 30 if I do buy it. Should I buy the Manhattan PM and sell the Speedy?

  2. I love both..I own the speedy mono 30 and I want the Manhattan pm...you can never have enough LV
  3. since i bought manhattan pm, i haven't used my ceriese or multi white speedy....i love manhattan too much!!!!!
  4. I wish I could keep both! If I knew I would still use my Speedy then I might keep both. But if I stopped using it, I will feel too guilty to keep it. :sad:
  5. That is what I am afraid of, LOL!

    I probably should have bought the Manhattan first, but it seemed like so much money so I settled for the Speedy.:P I do love the Speedy but I just think I love the Manhattan more.
  6. Well I only really like the Manhattan GM so no i would keep the speedy.
  7. Hell yah! I am not fond of the Mono Speedy to begin with so, I would definitely sell it for the Manhattan!
  8. I think the bags have such different looks and functions that it would be smart to keep both. The Manhattan is a bit dressier than the Speedy and the Speedy holds more (IMO!). I'd keep both if I were you.
    Also, selling the Speedy will only get you about half of what the Manhattan costs, so it may not be worth it!
    Good luck!
  9. Yes, I'd sell it. I personally don't use my Mono Speedy 30 at all.
  10. yes, sell it and get the Manhattan PM! i have both the PM and GM, but i find the PM much easier to carry around and dress up or down. the Mono Speedy is too common anyway :blah:
  11. Yes, sell it for the manhattan PM! I love the manhattan!!
  12. I think you'll still use both.

    The Speedy and the Manhattan are two totally different looks. If they were almost the same bag then I'd say sell one....but they're two completely different bags.
  13. sell it after you get the Manhattan if you no longer use it...if you sell it now and regret it you will end up buying one again...I have heard of that happening to people you end up missing their speedy...
  14. YES IT!! if you miss it you can always buy another. It different and not seen as much as the speedy, got for it!
  15. I almost got the Manhattan PM but it didn't have enough room for me. I got the Mono Speedy 30 instead. It seems to hold more, so I guess it depends on how much you carry. I do like how the Manhattan PM looks!