Would you sell bags (Bbags) you luurve to fund...

  1. ... the big H? I saw Vlad's post about Meg's new Birkin, and they look gorgeous together. I've never owned Hermes and never really looked at them but dang, now I noticed that there are beautiful H bags out there (black palladium Kelly, turquoise Birkin...).
    But - they are really expensive! Would you even consider selling many bags you actually use and :love: to fund a Hermes? Personally, I'm not really considering it (yet) because I want to keep my Bal, Chanel and LV babies and it would be too hard to part with them... plus I don't even know whether the H bags are really that well made or that great to wear.
    What do you think?
  2. I've also been lurking recently in the H forum ... the reveals there are so much fun! The bottom line for me is that I don't think I'd be comfortable carrying around a kelly or birkin every day and I'd have to sell every last one of my bags to afford one!

    I do know that they are really well made. My grandmother had a black kelly for decades that she wore frequently and it looked hardly used. It truely is a unique company in that they expect pieces to last forever and when they rehab bags, they send it back to the original craftsman.
  3. I don't think I could ever sell off my babies to fund just one purse. Heck, I can't even bring myself to sell off the coach/kate spade/other bags to fund new purchases, so I doubt I could bring myself to sell all of them, KWIM?
  4. I would love to own a Birkin, but I still love my Bal and Chanel. I have sold off most of my LV collection because I grew tired of them and was ready for something else. I guess if I out grew my Chanel and Bal bags, then I would go for it. I'm not at that point yet.
  5. i have many years ahead of me before i can carry around a birkin, but in the future..why not..i'd sell everything in order to fund for something that i'd love and use alot and ultimately at the end of the day..make me happy.
  6. I have definitely toyed around with the idea of purchasing a Birkin at some point in the future - I love the style, but have not yet been able to decide if the style is really me. If I did go for, I could never part with any of the bags that I currently own and love in order to fund it - I am way to sentimental about my bags!! :love:
  7. I'd love to own a birking and a kelly one day. But I definitely would not sell my balenciagas. I love them and use them everyday!!! Plus, I can't imagine myself grocery shopping with a birkin! lol! As it is I rarely use my chanels! I should go out more! Let me correct that, I should go out!
  8. haha, sometimes i think at the rate i shop, i could technically buy a birkin/kelly if i just WAITED a year... you know, like stop buying ANYTHING for a year and then i'd have enough money for a birkin, so i wouldn't have to sell. but i couldn't ban myself that long... and plus, even if i DID have a birkin (or a bolide, which i personally prefer) i would still want variety in my bag closet.

    but south-of-france, you mentioned before that you were getting tired of bbags, right? if you're not feeling the heat so much for some of your bbags, maybe it's time for a new investment!! please post pics if you do!
  9. NEVER :nogood:! i mean i KNOW that one day i will have those 5 kellys i dream about:nuts: ...but i couldnt sell any of my old babies:love: to get new ones ...
  10. Grr I posted a reply and then the forum went offline again... Okay I was saying that I'm not tired of my Bbags, just saturated I guess because I have what I want. I love using them and having them. Who knows what will be a year from now, last year I wasn't even into BBags lol!
  11. I'm not really drawn to H right now, I don't think I really ever will be, I just wouldn't feel comfortable with a bag that expensive.
  12. hMm.... the only H that has caught my eye so far.. was the recent picture Victoria Beckham was carrying... it had similar dimensions of a Part time.. and was a beautiful greige color. Other than that 1 and only picture.. and maybe there cute charms... I'm not that attracted to H...(thank god!) Maybe one day.. when I'm older & my lifestyle suits it. But.. not for now... or awhile... I'll stick with my Bals & Chanels.. hahah :wlae:
  13. If I liked them or wanted one, yes, if i had to sell others to get one I would. But Birkins leave me cold, I don't really care for any of them. They are beautifully made, just not my style. I doubt I would ever purchase one regardless of the price.
  14. someday maybe ^^

    but fornow i'm want to sell my LV to get Bbag ^^
  15. Same :yes: