Would you sell all your Balenciagas...

  1. to fund a car, a house, a wedding or another very expensive bag? (Hermes, LV trunks, Goyard trunks...)

    Or would you try to scrimp in other areas and touch your Balenciagas last?

    I don't really have an answer yet. I'm trying to figure it out for myself. :sweatdrop:
  2. No way. I live in a city, so I don't need a car. I'm renting an apartment until the day I die. If I get married, I will simply send out invitations to a party, and the people who show get to watch me and my beloved in a 5-minute civil ceremony halfway through the night. And then it's back to the party.

    I wouldn't even sell my bags to raise money for an operation. After all, if I'm THAT sick, I would need the comfort my bags would give me more than anything!
  3. I'll sell other things first before touching my bbags. Even strips if I have to. j/k

    I won't sell my whole collection but I'll for sure keep one bbag at least.
  4. Yes I would sell my balenciagas for other high end items. Because I have. I only have 2 bags now, and a few Boobies. I put the money from everything else I sold into my savings account.

    And one of my bags and my boobies are going as soon as I get a chance to list them. I'm gonna keep only one of them.

    I will be buying a Hermes wallet or Hermes Picotin (making the decision by tonight) and tomorrow I hit LV to pick up some Pomme goodies waiting for me.

    I am taking a break from Balenciaga for a while and I want to carry something else for a few weeks.

    Too much Balenciaga overload the past few months....
  5. In a heart beat...if the difference to owing a home or my dream car (mind you I am talking about owning it -- not putting the down payment down) was the cost of what I could get from selling my bags, I would totally do it.
  6. Yep. Totally not worth digging into the savings if I dont have to. I love them but could always re-buy them.
  7. ^^
    Wow Donna! I can't wait to see your Pomme goodies!!!

    ok.. I guess back to the topic now.

    At this moment I can't see myself selling any of the bbags I have now. Each one I find unique and different and they each add something special to my handbag collection.

    However, I guess never say never because I basically sold off all my LV except one bag, one wallet, and one cles, as well as sold other designer bags to replenish my funds after I went on a bbag blitz this past November/December. So who knows if in the future I may decide that there's something out there I want more.

    I hope there's room in my life on top of the car, home, wedding for my bbag love! As for splurging on an Hermes, I still haven't quite decided whether I want to spend that kind of money on one handbag alone in my life. I know that between all the money I have spent on handbags and clothes that I could have a Birkin in my hands... but I like changing my bags to go with my moods - so I'm not sure one sole handbag (albeit a Birkin) would be enough. And I really don't think I could handle collecting Hermes in different colours and styles! I'm already having to hold myself back from doing that with Balenciaga!
  8. I would sell them if I ever needed any extra funds for my sons in the future!
  9. Absolutely, no question. I recycle my belongings constantly. Some, of course, have a better return on investment than others! ;)
  10. Car.. is already finished for me, so thats out of the way. I probably will keep it for the next seven years. If I need money for school I'd sell it though or before I go on a major traveling expedition, but I'd have to weigh in what cutting off one of my jobs would do with my "plan", since I have to commute so It would all depend on that time and moment and oppurtunities.
    House..I'm not setting down for at LEAST another decade..or two! So I'm just renting.
    Wedding..I'll probably elope, or have a very small ceremony with a few friends. But that won't be happening any time soon.
    Expensive bag..if I wanted it then yes, becuase I carry my bags till they die. I don't need alot, I have enough worry picking out clothes for the next day, I don't need to add which bag and shoes at this rate LOL!
    Trunks.. Funny you should mention this. I was thinking of getting a small trunk to use as a jewelry box. But that box would be more expensive then my jewelry LOL! I also love the idea of having a medium one as a coffee table..
  11. And I really don't think I could handle collecting Hermes in different colours and styles! I'm already having to hold myself back from doing that with Balenciaga![/quote]

    AMEN TO THAT!!! :sweatdrop:
  12. ^^
    LOL mas! Thinking about one Hermes Birkin is already :sweatdrop: , in multiple colours like how I wish I could collect Balenciaga?! :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: X INFINITY!
  13. hmm.. well I did sell all my bbags months ago - and not for any of the aforementioned reasons.

    ice blue city, eggplant city, black box, caramel first, origan twiggy, calcaire day - I think that was it!

    Why did I do it? Momentary lapse of reason - yes, I regret it - but, oh well - there can always be more bbags. :p
  14. If I had bags I wasn't using... I would sell them to fund new purchases.

    I wouldn't sell bags to fund a car, house, or wedding... because I consider those seperate areas and DH & I should be paying for those some other way.

    I WOULD sell my bags, all my bags if needed if my family needed something desperately (I don't have kids, but i.e. my kids needed something important/life affecting), or it was the difference between financial security/a roof over our heads...

    Fornuately for me, DH is a pretty good provider... so unfornuately the roof over our head thing usually falls to him. But I do need to listen to my own opinion and sell things if I am not using them any longer... :yes:
  15. I'm with Highgloss... NYC negates possibility of a car, nor is there a need, at all. NYC living also negates the possibility of owning a home. If I ever get married, there is no way in hell that I am having a wedding. Hermes - maybe when I'm in my 40s or 50s, and hopefully by then I will be able to justify the cost if I decide I must have it.
    The thing with Balenciaga, even though they're pricey, the cost isn't unreasonable to me, even if I can't really afford it. Hermes is in another stratosphere all together, and so are cars, homes, and weddings...
    If real need should strike and it's Bals or rent, that's another question - though I hope I won't have to face that one in the near future...