Would you sell a bag you received as a gift?

  1. Every year on Christmas and my birthday, I get a couple of bags from family and friends because they all know that I love purses. :p But 95% of the time, it's a Coach purse. Don't get me wrong... I like Coach very much, and I've purchased a couple on my own. It's incredibly generous of them to get me a designer purse for Christmas when they could have easily picked up a basket of shower gels and body lotions. However, sometimes I can't get over the fact that if I sell 2-3 of the unused gifted bags, I can get a RM MAM. :shame:

    I haven't actually sold any of the bags I got as gifts because 1) I feel guilty 2) I'm afraid they will ask how I like the bag or something one day. Personally, I would feel a bit hurt if I found out that my mother or my friends sold the bags I got for them, but I put a lot of thought into purchasing purses & generally I care about purses much.

    Oh, did I mention that I'm in the middle of cleaning out my closet? :push:
  2. This has long been a dilemma of mine.

    I received a Balenciaga City bag from my dad as a graduation gift. I actually wanted a Fendi, but he told me there was no way he was buying a bag that expensive which wasn’t even made of leather…so he bought me the Balenciaga (which turned out to be more expensive, of course…go figure). The problem is, the City bag is really not my style, and I didn’t really like the color he chose (it’s this shade of blue: http://images.sabster5.multiply.com/image/24/photos/137/500x500/1/P1010001.JPG?et=jX2c2Clj1fNAxcZLWsqWuA&nmid=60328760)

    So now, the bag is still with me and I’ve used it five times tops (it’s been more than three years since he bought it). I can’t sell it because it was a gift, but I hardly use it. What a waste.
  3. OMG that color is 2D4!!
  4. Personally if i was giving a gift I would want that person to enjoy it, if they came to me and said I love your gift its just not one I would use do you mind if I return and get something I'd use more? I would say go for it. I would sooner the person have something they will use and enjoy rather then me wasting money for something to sit in there closet.
  5. People always return gifts I give them. You could try directly telling your family what purses you are most interested it and avoid gifts you would rather not receive.
  6. I think I would be hurt if I knew someone had sold a gift I carefully picked out for them...but you're in a tough position..I have sold some of my gifts before..but that's because they were from an ex-bf lol.

    Maybe this coming year you can approach your family and friends and say I know you guys usually get me a purse...and this year there's a purse I'm dying to have, but it's a little more expensive..so maybe you guys can all get it together for me?
  7. I would sell them, unless they were special gifts for once-in-a-lifetime occasions (like the girl with the graduation balenciaga, I would keep that just b/c it was from your Dad and there is a memory there).
  8. I would NOT sell it. My MIL got me a hideous pink fuscia purse that i've never worn but still sits in my closet. I dunno why, but I just wouldn't sell it, I'd feel bad. But I would, after a few YEARS, consider giving it to someone else (my niece, for example, on the OTHER side... she loves pink!)
  9. Everyone who really KNOWS me, would not pick out a bag and buy it for me as a gift. I am so picky that no one, not even my hubby, would even try to pick one out for me. So selling or re-gifting is not an issue for me.
  10. i would sell it. if someone wasn't happy with something i got them the last thing i would want if for them to feel the 'burden' of keeping it. at least find something you will love and use! maybe talk to the in the future about the kinds of gifts you like. a gift certificate is never a bad idea!
  11. That is a tough one. I would rather someone sell or return a gift I gave them, instead of them having it in the closet. However, I would not want them to tell me. I don't think I helped.
  12. My MIL gets me a coach bag for every holiday. Not that there is anything wrong witch Coach - I really like them. She just gets me the smallest bags that they have - my wallet doesn't even fit in them! I haven't sold them, and I make a point of using them in front of her when she comes to visit. But you make a good point about selling 2-3 to get a RM MAM - that is on my wishlist too!!

    On the other hand, I have a client at work who gave me a Brighton bag once. I'm not totally against Brighton bags, but this one was like a jumbo wallet on a string. You couldn't put anything in it - it just unfolded. It went straight on eBay!
  13. I wouldn't. I keep everything that's been given to me. So yeah, I'm a pack rat.
  14. I would sell it, I hate keeping things in my closet that I don't use or love when someone else can enjoy them, giving it to someone you know will love it is really fun. One time someone freaked out over a bag I was carrying, and I just emptied out my stuff and gave it to her on the spot (it was a Coach, I'm not a big fan). SHE WAS SO HAPPY!! It made my day. If you sell it, don't say it was a gift, avoid the judgement.
  15. I would sell it. Get that MAM you will love it! Sell it ifyou don't love it because you are never going to end up using it. Its going to be a few hundred bucks that sits in your closet going unused.