Would you sell a bag if you don't

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  1. I'm not loving the Damier Azur Noe anymore. Do you think I should sell this bag? Hasn't been worn yet except for a few pics. It's also way pass the return policy. What would you do?
  2. I would sell it if I know that I wont use it. Why keep it when you can get the money to buy another purse that you might like better? :yes:
  3. you may be able to still return it if it is in pristine, resellable condition. I would go to a boutique and ask to speak with the manager and explain your situation. I am not sure if you would get money back or just store credit. Its worth a try though and if that doesnt work, and you still do not love it, then sell it.
  4. I agree if your not going to use it sell it to buy something else.
  5. If your not going to use it then sell it. :yes:

    Thats like money just sitting there "waiting" to be used on another LV. :graucho:
  6. there's NO buying or selling here!
  7. yep, if you havent used it sell it! Its not LE so just sell and get something you will LVOE!!
  8. I know I can't return it for store credit as it has been over 30 days. Guess I will have to sell it. At least I'll have money for another bag.
  9. If you do not love it sell it and get something you will love and use!! Good luck I am sure you are not going to have a problem if you sell it the azur line is so popular right now
  10. I would love to have that bag! What don't you like about it?
  11. Yeah.. You should sell it if your nothing using it.
  12. ^Melissa, I feeling ambivalent about the bag since I'm so short besides falling out of love for some reason.
  13. If you dont love it anymore, i would sell it, IMO
  14. :yes: sell it if you are not gonna use the bag...buy something else that you will use it ;)
  15. I would hang on to it....unless you can get close to what you paid for it.