Would you say this is close to taupe?

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  1. Took Roz's ebay picture of her taupe and darkened it up a bit.

    If you've seen the taupe IRL, would this color be close to it?
  2. Yes, maybe not quite that dark...
  3. I saw a taupe pocket paddy at NM tonight - I think a good description of the color is mud that has been baked by the sun. Its definately a brown color, not as dark as your picture (but close) without any orange tones to it. If you did not like the dried mustard, you may not like this color either. I also saw the mousse large pocket paddy - I love that color - if only I could find it in the medium!
  4. I remember it being lighter...more of a neutral beige color!
  5. Hmm, not quite. This is darker and taupe is more of a neutral lovely shade.
  6. check the chloe ad in the march vogue mag, there's a taupe there that's probably closer to the real color. p 193
  7. I have given up trying to describe the color. What you see in any ad or on NAP, etc. is FAR from the real color. Flash just totally distorts it and it's impossible to photograph. I'd say it's one shade lighter than that pic but from there I have trouble. Sometimes I see gold or green in the color.

    I'm afraid you will be disappointed in the color. I still have a love/hate thing with it. I would urge people not to order this color from LVR or NAP where returns would be costly and a pain.
  8. Are you using your taupe zippy, Daisy?
  9. Well, it kind of got bumped out of rotation! :lol: I carried it for the first few days and really enjoyed it but couldn't pass a mirror without stressing over the color. One minute it's neutral and perfect, the next it's blah and muddy. :cry:

    My bag selection is out of control. I'm like my dog who tries to carry two tennis balls in her mouth... I want to carry them all at the same time. Today I opted for my Gaucho tote, yesterday it was black Stam, the day before, black Muse. I MISS the ones I'm not carrying! lol