Would you say these are a fad shoe?

  1. Or could thehy be worn well for a few seasons?

    CL Platform Peeptoe Slingbacks in fishnet


  2. Only time will tell, but for now, I would have to put anything with a platform in the "trend" basket.

    The good news is, trends go and come back, so while you might not be able to wear them next year, you will be able to wear them in ten or twenty years, or whenever the platform trend comes back, after its current visit concludes. If that makes sense.

    Of course, I am obliged to advise against buying or wearing any high heeled shoe, platform or otherwise, although I realize that the things are wildly popular, and very few people will heed such warnings.
  3. I think they are definitely trendy. It is such a distinctive style, they are sure to be dated after a season or two. Cute though.
  4. I think they are definitely a "fad", but just like everything else they will come back. That particular shoe is very popular now, so I say if you want to get them go for it! Are those Beckham's legs? B*TCH! I hate her! LOL Totally kidding, I don't hate her. I hate that she looks amazing in pretty much anything she puts on. :p

    People thought the platform would be out soon, but so many designs for fall have them, so who the heck knows?
  5. Yep, those are VB's unmistakable legs :wtf:

    I guess with both a platform and cork they are trendy...wish i didn't want them.
  6. I have to agree with everyone else I think they are trendy shoes.
  7. I say find them on sale somewhere and get them. Clearly you want them. lol :p
  8. I have these a very similar style by Stuart Weitzman! Taupe fishnet slingback, and it's a stacked wood platform rather than cork.

    Platforms are trendy but for someone like me with a 30" inseam I welcome them with open arms.
  9. ^^LOL...this is off topic, but Pursegrrl, yes, you are Sofa King Fab at 40!!
  10. ^^^ why thank you, butterfly*...I got cleaned up and Simpsonized...even put on a dress and lipstick for y'all, LOL!!
  11. Def gonna look dated by a few seasons. If you do end up getting it, take care to stuff the shoe while you're not wearing it -- the fishnet does NOT its shape very well.
  12. It think that the platform will be out in the next couple of years. But if you like it, go for it! The truly fashionable make their own rules.
  13. I think they're definitely trendy. I agree you should get them if you can find them on sale. If you think you'll wear them regardless of current trends, then buy them even if they are regular price.
  14. Platforms themselves aren't excessively faddish, but the cork sole combo with platform+stiletto on a sling-back, almond-toe pump, or peep-toe is a rather distinct style for this year.
  15. Oooo those are cute.:nuts: