Would You Say Something??

  1. On my way home from work tonight I saw quite a sight- a woman with a rather large chest (okay hyooooooge boobs) wearing a white tube top...and no bra. You could see everything- boobs, nipples, areola-everything! :shocked: It was like a walking peep show. Everyone on the street was looking.

    I felt like telling her because I would be mortified if it was me, but part of me wondered if she already knew and was dressed like that on purpose like for the attention?

    Would you say something or just keep your eyes to the ground and keep walking?
  2. I would snicker to myself and keep walking. You're a stranger on the street, not her image consultant, there's no need to say anything.
  3. I agree--if she doesn't ask, then you shouldn't tell. The only thing I tell strangers on the street is if their purse is open, because I figure that's definitely accidental.
  4. Unless she's blind, I think it's safe to say it's done on purpose! If people are unusually staring at me and especially at my chest area, my first instinct is my shirt unbuttoned?!..I'd have a puzzled look on my face. :blink:
  5. I would not say anything! Once I told an older gentleman that he still had the large stick on size tag on his new Levis and he got mad.
  6. yep, she's an adult, she KNOWS! LOL!
    Be gracious and tunnel visioned of course and keep on truckin'!
  7. Its hard to believe she left the house dressed like that by accident. So, no, I would not say anything at all.
  8. Im going to hold out for next months issue of Glamour and see if it was one of their staff members...doing the monthly walk around the city and see if anyone helps you out...you know un zipped pants, skirt tucked into underwear..etc..stay tuned! lol
  9. I saw someone like that last week. Only she was HUGE all over and had on a tiny mini skirt with her cottage cheese legs and really high heels she couldnt walk in. It was like a car accident I couldnt turn away. I wouldnt say a word. They know and worse then that they probably think they are fly!
  10. I suppose to be funny you could have said her bra strap was showing.
    She knows what she is doing, and she is well aware of the attention.
    Most people that dress in that fashion are looking for attention since it is lacking in their life. Maybe she is insecure and this is her way of saying, LOOK AT ME!
  11. Definitely keep walking!!

    I sincerely doubt she didn't see that!
  12. Ditto what everyone else has said: don't stare and keep walking!
  13. Maybe she doesn't really care?
  14. LOL, that's where my mind went at first. "Oh, she looks like one of those Glamour ladies that walks around all day in an embarrassing situation to see what people do!"

    I did keep my eyes down, but I squeal, "OH MY GOD!" to the person I was on the phone with.
  15. I agree - say nothing, keep walking (and for pete's sake, try not to laugh, or puke). If they're walking about half naked, they probably have a few screws loose(or she was a streetwalker).