would you say overall, chanel handbags are more expensive than LV's?

  1. in terms of the line as a whole. and that's why LV is more popular? becuase it is, relatively speaking, more affordable?
  2. I would definitely say that Chanel is much more expensive than LV, especially after the price increase. You can buy several LV's for under $1,000. Show me a Chanel that you can get for that (besides the pouchettes). Most Chanel's are priced at $1,500 and up.
  3. I think more expensive, but worth it. Chanel bags are made of leather, LV uses a coated canvas. I can't justify spending that much money on a non leather bag. But a lot of people love the mono canavas. To each their own.
  4. Chanel is WAY more expensive..Hands down!
  5. I agree, overall Chanel is more expensive.
  6. I used to be heavily into LV...not so much anymore. I like Chanel better because I don't find it so trendy, with a logo splashed all over it (and I used to love LV monogram). I still love the Suhali Leather bags from LV - but I've grown to love Chanel more!!!

    And yes, I think you see more people with LV because you can get a bag for under $1000 (Like Jenny Lauren said), Chanel is out of reach for some people. And I don't see myself coming and going.
  7. Um yeah! You can pick up the quintessential LV bag, the Speedy, for what? $700? (Not sure, don't have one...) Can you get the quintessential Chanel for that? (BTW, what would that even be? A flap of some sort? The Cambon, maybe?) Regardless, you're not getting one for $700, that's for sure.
  8. LV has several lines in leather that are more expensive than the monogram. I'm a fan of the epi leather, and those are cheaper than Chanel (around $1000 depending on the style). However, lines like the Nomade are over $2000 for a bag and some of the Suhali bags are over $3000. Overall though, Chanel is probabaly more expensive.
  9. Chanel is definitely more expensive, but like OnyxBear indicates, LV also has some really expensive bags (i.e. Nomade and Suhali).

    OnyxBear - I love your dogs on your avatar. I used to have a Blue Merle Sheltie. He was the best dog ever.
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  11. I agree. I was in Chanel this weekend and all the bags I like was over 2K. I end walking out with a pair of earrings.
  12. Definitely! As a result, they're not so 'popular', and that's one of the many reasons why I like it.
  13. yes ! Agree with all of the posts above:yes:
  14. I don't see as much Chanel as I see Louis...and 50% of people carrying the Louis bags are usually fake anyway!!!
  15. There was a thread about this last week I think, and no chanel is not more expensive materials taken into consideration, there was even someone in the old thread doing the maths. Most of chanel bags are more work than the canvas LV bags which are usually very simple.