Would you return this?


Nov 29, 2006
I finally received my very first LV... the monogram canvas speedy 25. I love it so much already but after looking very closely at one of the gold metal pieces of the handle, I noticed there was a little chipped piece on it. It's almost the size of a little fruit fly. It's not very noticeable and I'm not sure if I should return it for a new one. What would you do?


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Oct 31, 2006
First off, congrats on your new bag!

If it's going to bother you and you're going to think about it, I would return it (I assume you got it from a LV boutique)?

If not, keep the bag and love it:smile:


Jul 21, 2006
Its very interesting, when I purchase LV I always end up exchanging because I find soo many imperfections, I almost thought I was "too picky"...but I think LV quality does have limitations (not trying to offend anyone) just want to say, return it and pick another one - you deserve the best!


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Apr 24, 2006
**personally, little things like that bug me if it is brand new from the boutique/elux.

For example, I bought the last Azur Speedy 30 (it was actually the display) at my boutique. After I got it home, I noticed that the inside pocket had a burn or glue mark on the leather trim. I brought it in and showed the manager (who is a DOLL!!) and she said that since they are not getting more Azur Speedys in until January (!!!) to just keep mine and use it until they got another one in, at which point she would still exchange it for me.

I know that the mark inside my bag is just a tiny discoloration, but it still bothers me...if your bag's defect bothers you, by all means take it back:smile:


Mar 25, 2006
I agree, return it. I sent my Fringe Speedy in for repair because it had a couple of spots (they said glue) and a missing charm. The repair shop said that 80% of the spots were removed & of course the charm was replaced. It's on the way back to me. Since it is no longer available, I may keep the fringe anyway, but if I could get another one in perfect condition, I would.

Alice From Italy

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Jun 7, 2006
Return it! When you buy expensive brand like Vuitton, Chanel etc you deserve and MUST get the best only and never mind of being picky!! Today I phoned to Chanel to ask them to send me a dustbag as they forget to put it in the box!!! I felt a bit silly but then thought that I spent a lot money on that bag, they have a great income the same, even if they send me a dustbag!!! So don't worry at all, they are there to help you! :smile:


Jul 30, 2006
If you are not happy with it, then return it. Personally, if it is just a small chip, I would not go through the hassle of returning it. I would just keep it, knowing that as I used the bag, additional chips and etc. are likely to occur.