would you return this sweater?

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  1. As shocking as it seems, BCBG is faked. I was recently at a flea market and ran into a guy selling fake BCBG along with his fake BabyPhat, Roca and Tommy stuff. I was quite shocked. He also has a few of those hideous animal print D&B knockoff bags, Coach bags and Guess bags :wtf: :confused1:. I stopped because I seen a BCBG sign so I was curious to see what he had but upon closer inspection, I noticed that both the price tags and garment tags were fake. It was fairly easy to do a comparison since I was wearing a BCBG coat that I recently purchased from the boutique. The girl in the kiosk swore up and down that they were real and that she got them from the “BCBG distributor” and that my coat must be a fake which I over paid for.
  2. Update: I returned the sweater and the seller credited me the full amount, minus shipping. Overall it was a painless process, and they were very professional about it. Thanks to everyone for weighing in.

    I've since purchased a similar sweater that actually has a clothing label, what a concept. :Push: