would you return this sweater?

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  1. I bought a BCBG wrap online, knowing it was used, but it just showed up and has no tag. Absolutely nothing attached to it. The seller said she'd take it back for a restocking fee of 10%. Do you think I should make a fuss about the fee? It will be about seven dollars. I checked the listing carefully, and nowhere does it say there's no tag, and the several pictures don't show the neck area.
  2. It wouldn't bother me...unless it was damaged or something.
  3. Hmm. I'm just worried it might be a fake. Maybe I'm being too uptight about it?
  4. Do you like the wrap otherwise? If you're okay with the way it looks and fits, I would just go ahead and keep it.

    She should have stated it didn't have the tag. You should definitely bring that to her attention even if you decide you want to keep it.

    If you do decide to return it, though, she shouldn't charge you a restocking fee since her erroneous description is the reason why you're returning the item. I'd politely state your case and see what she says.
  5. A BCBG fake? Do they even make thoes? LoL. Sorry but I wouldn't worry about it, your just going to remove the tags anyway. If it's in good condition I would just not make a big deal.
  6. Are you talking about the actual clothing label? i think some responses read as if they assume you mean the shop tag, but I think you mean the clothing label. Is that correct? If there is no clothing label, how do you know it is definitely BCBG? Does it have any identifying label? I wouldn't be bothered about no shop tag- I wouldn't expect one on a second hand garment, but a clothing label- that I would expect!
  7. ^^ohhhh good point- i thought the OP was talking about the tags from a store....not the actual BCBG label. yeah if the label werent on it, i'd probably send it back and fight the restocking fee on principal. like, even tho it isn't a ton of money to restock it, its kinda fishy she didnt mention there was no label
  8. Did you get it for cheap? Sounds like you got it for $70 based on the $7 dollar 10% restocking fee you described. If you did get it for a steal, don't return it. IMO i don't think $70 for a used wrap is a deal, maybe if it were under $20. If you were buying it hoping to have the label and also for the quality, by all means, return it because it certainly isn't up to par. I think you should call the seller out on this too, make it a point to them that because there's nothing that represents it as BCBG, it isn't it!!!
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    Last edited: Jan 26, 2009
    Yes, rubylola, I'm talking about the actual clothing label. I should have been more clear. I would never expect store tags on a used garment. There is no clothing label, there is nothing except the actual fabric the sweater is made from and one of those rubbery loops to hang on a hanger. No brand label, no size label, no washing instructions label.

    And if you can believe it, LulaMae, I have bought a fake BCBG sweater before. I was so pi$$ed! I don't think it was actual counterfeit merchandise, it just looked like the person sewed a BCBG tag onto a different branded item.
  10. I read about this on another forum, where there was an ebay seller who bought clothing from places such as Target, snipped off all the tags on the garment and attempted to pass it off as designer. I'll see if I can find that thread.

    Did she disclose it in the auction? If not, I would fight for a return without having to pay the restocking fee
  11. I would file a claim with Paypal.
  12. No, they didn't disclose a word about it. They've been very courteous and prompt to respond to my e-mails, but they're acting all puzzled, like this is coming out of left field. Is it really that weird to expect at least some identifying mark? If there was ever a label (and what clothing doesn't have any label whatsoever?) it must have been very painstakingly removed, too, because its a fine gauge fabric and I see no pulls or marks where anything was cut or ripped out.
  13. I'm sorry SunnyT, I wasn't trying to be mean I just never imagine they made fakes of that brand, I don't understand why they would. I guess they make fakes of everything now.

    So the actual label not the store tags, I get it. I was confused like everyone else. Eh, that's iffy then. Do you like the sweater? Is it well made and look fantastic on you? Would it really make a difference in the long run? If it does then yeah return and fight the fee, you paid for a BCBG sweater and you have no way of knowing if it is or not.
  14. Oh no worries, LulaMae. I didn't think you were being mean at all. It's just ridiculous how things are going with online sales, soon they'll be selling counterfeit Kleenex or something. :shrugs: