Would you return this Heritage Bayswater?

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  1. B29C6C2C-1807-4E32-B1F9-BDB3336C7EAC.jpeg Hi everyone,

    I’m new to this forum but been stalking for a while!

    I purchased the Heritage Bayswater in Oak in the sale, however the first bag I received was scratched and so Mulberry exchanged it for another bag. I purchased directly from the official Mulberry website.

    My question is, shall I keep this second bag or am I being petty for wanting to return it again?

    Basically, there’s a black mark (not sure what) on the front of the bag and it seems to have scratched the leather. It’s not too noticeable. I tried removing it but obviously don’t want to put pressure on the area in case it damages the leather. Is there anyway I can make it less noticeable at home? I have the leather gel that mulberry recommends.

    Let me know your thoughts. Is this just a characteristic of leather? What would you do? I feel slightly awkward returning a bag for a second time. Just looking for second opinions.

    I purchased a Medium Lily in Taupe a couple years ago and that arrived flawless.

    Thank you.
  2. I would absolutely change it. They're not exactly cheap and for that kind of money I would want a perfect one. Is there anyway for you to get to a store so you can inspect one in person?
  3. Yes, return it - I actually have a zero stamped (faulty/seconds) Alexa with exactly this fault - a pin sized indentation at the front. For the price you pay for mulberry you should expect a new bag to arrive in perfect condition.
  4. I’ve just emailed customer services that photo as evidence. They said if the bag is still in stock they will try to post me out another once I return this one. It’s making me lose faith in mulberry as a brand. I don’t see how two substandard bags can slip the net.
  5. It’s really upset me. I’ve wanted this bag for as long as I can remember, and as soon as I saw it was in the sale I bought it straight away. I don’t understand where quality control is with mulberry. Has this happened to you before? My Medium Lily arrived faultless, so I had high standards of mulberry. Especially as the bags aren’t cheap, you don’t expect this to happen. Certainly not twice.
  6. I can see the patch in the leather where you’ve been rubbing at it. You’re fortunate they are prepared to exchange it IMO.
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  7. I only rubbed it very slightly, and I’ve received 2 faulty bags now so it’s really not acceptable. I’ve never has this problem before to be honest.
  8. I would absolutely return it. I can’t believe that bag got through the quality control.
  9. Me neither, I got told I would be sent a perfect replacement last time after receiving a scratched Bayswater. I’m not sure who’s working on quality control.

    It’s not what I expect from a luxury brand. I just hope they accept my return. I don’t want to look towards buying other brands in future, but this experience has me losing faith in Mulberry which is a real shame.
  10. I’ve had one bad experience with buying direct from Mulberry - a lily bought in the sale arrived with nasty scratching to the lockplate & I returned it, but other than that things have been fine. The faulty Alexa I have was bought at an outlet at 30% discount due to the mark on the front (which is barely visible, but still constitutes a fault).

    I much prefer to buy from Naughtipidgin or Labels Most Wanted nowadays tbh, both give much more personal service than buying from Mulberry and you see pictures of the bag you’re going to get rather than a stock picture.
  11. Did you get an exchange or just a return? I wish I’d got to the JL Mulberry sale in time but they seem to sell out very fast.

    Yes I’m surprised it’s such bad service given it’s purchasing from the official website.

    I’m sending the bag back today for an exchange so I’m hoping it’s 3rd time lucky. Otherwise I’ll have to just ask for my money back.
  12. I must admit that I have largely given up on Mulberry after a bad experience with buying from their website (and Johnny Coca's designs and new leather quality, but that's a different story).
    I tried to buy an Alexa when they discontinued them and put them in the sale. I had numerous bags (5, I think) sent to me and returned, each of them having issues and the last straw was when they sent me a bag marked a sub (0-stamp) and customer service told me over the phone that it was probably specifically stamped like that for me.
    I ended up not being able to get the Alexa, and I must admit that I am more interested in Bottega Veneta bags now.
  13. Yes a lot of people have commented on the new leather materials. I’ve only bought Mulberry for a couple years, therefore I wouldn’t be able to comment on the old style leathers and styles.

    No way that is absolutely awful customer service! Honestly, I’ve experienced better on the high street. Maybe they need to hire some new staff for the quality control department to prevent this from happening time and time again.
  14. A return as the bag had sadly sold out.