Would you return this bag? I am afraid of the letter or my SAs thinking I'm a PITA

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  1. #1 Oct 11, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2010
    The saga begins....During August PCE I bought the Purple Croc Audrey and the Sequin Audrey as well as the studded Kristin site unseen. Snapped my tags off the Croc Audrey but not the Sequin Audrey which is my current dilemma.

    • Return #1 - The Sequin bag had some sequins flipping up on the bottom corners that showed the material underneath. I simply exchange that for another Sequin Audrey in the store that was not doing that (however, Coach always processes this as a return and rebuy rather than an exchange)

    • Return #1a - Return the Studded Kristin from Aug PCE, after seeing IRL it was not the bag for me

    • Return #1b - bought FP Flower Sophia, site unseen and returned to fund Sept PCE. The bag, after seeing IRL was too big for me.

    • Return #2 - Then I notice the bag has creases in the material. The types that would not fall out with wear. I bring the bag back to the store during Sept PCE. I wanted the Pink Python Sophia but was a little short in funds since I bought purple gathered Sophia, black Croc Sophia, Blue Smoke Kristin and Cranberry Maggie. The SA convinced me that since I was having issues with the sequin, to return that for the python....and that since I wear tons of pink and purple I would get more use out of it. After much angst I decided to do this.

    ***Now I am having major Sequin Audrey withdrawals. I MUST have this bag back. It is going to the outlets. My 2 nearest outlets never got it.

    • Return #3 - After receiving the pink python Sophia, I return this bag (too heavy) and re-order the sequin Audrey

    • Return #3a - Sept PCE returned the Black Croc Sophia (just was not feeling it) for refund. And exchanged the Cranberry Maggie for the Dotted Sophia in Crimson (I am more of a satchel gir)

    Now For My Current Dilemma...

    I receive the 3rd Sequin Audrey. The bag is even more creased than the 2nd one. and sequins are noticeably flipping up everywhere.

    Do I return the Sequin Audrey? I am not going to bother exchanging it, have a feeling if they even track one down it will be a return on in the same shape. And there is not another bag I want right now, so this would be a full refund. I cannot even whimp out a return and sell it, because honestly I would not sell a bag in that condition.

    My net purchase for Sept PCE if I return the Audrey would be:

    1. small Purple gathered Sophia
    2. Small Blue Smoke Kristin Satchel
    3. Crimson Dotted Sophia satchel small

    When I came back to do return 3 and 3a, I swear the SAs seemed annoyed. I imagine the transactions were confusing especially since I was doing returns of returns if you know what I mean. I am thinking of taking the bag with me on my trip to Boston in a couple weeks and returning it there because I don't want the SAs in my store to think I am a PITA or even worse, get the dreaded letter!!!!

    What would you do? I am sad about it, because I really do want this bag. I know this is a long one, thanks ladies for sticking with me on this!
  2. I am not afarid to return any bag.
  3. If you aren't happy, return it. Don't keep it just because you don't want to seem like a pita. That's too much to pay for a bag you aren't happy with.
  4. Don't keep a bag you don't love just because you're afraid of annoying the SA. You have your receipts, don't feel bad about returning. I personally have returned bags with probably 10 receipts attached to the original transaction - sometimes you gotta try a couple bags to get to the right one!;)
  5. ^^ ITA
    you love the bag but you can not live with the fact it isn't perfect. It does bother you that much that you are thinking of return it. I think you should return it and don't be afraid of doing it. I understand your fear. You can try to contact other boutiques and see if they have sequins audreys and then go check it out and see if it's perfect. If it is, then buy it and return the other one.
  6. I completely feel your pain! I was just in this dilemma a few days ago. Several months ago I bought a pink exotic carryall and just couldn't love the color. It's been in my closet, in it's little Coach bag, tags attached. I returned it last week for another carryall, which I thought was grey, but turned out to be "blue mist". Again, did not like the color at all. So Sat, I took the 2nd carryall back. I just explained that I just didn't care for it and I want a bag I will love. I spent 2 hours really trying to find something, to no avail. I ended up with a wallet and the SA asked me, "are you sure you don't want a bag?" I told her, honestly nothing was striking me and that I understand some new floor sets (Ashley!) will be out, and I would be back!
    I was terrified of "getting in trouble" for returning a bag twice, but really as a customer, what's the harm? The bags were in the same condition/tags, etc as I purchased them. They have to understand that, you know. And my SAs were really nice about it. They know you just love the bags and need to find the right one!
  7. I say return and get what you love. As long as you have your receipt, everything will be OK!

  8. Me neither. Return it. Coach knows exactly where to go the day they issue me a letter over making a return with an original receipt. Don't keep something you are not satisfied with.
  9. Ditto!!
  10. My thoughts also.

  11. I agree wholeheartedly!
  12. I have done the same thing. If your not happy bring it back...
  13. I think you should take the bag back. Even if you don't purchase a bag to replace it directly, eventually a new bag will catch your eye and you'll fill that place in your bag collection. It will feel like a HUGE weight off your shoulders to take back that bag you're not loving--- TRUST ME! I've taken zillions of bags back with NO shame whatsoever, and so far, so good. If I don't love a bag and I'm not happy with it, I don't want to keep it just for weird storage purposes (b/c chances are you'll never wear it... why bother, right?).

    Hang in there, and keep your chin up! If you don't love that bag and you still have the tags on it (and the receipt), take 'er back! (good luck!) :woohoo:
  14. ita, return it and get something you love =]

  15. yeppers Ditto

    try try again , get what you love dont let your fears or snippy SA stop you from finding that bag you will be so happy with