Would you return these ballet flats?

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  1. Hi everyone! So I just bought these at the Rodeo location and I noticed some wrinkling on the side. I still decided to purchase them bc I didn’t think it would bother me much. But when I got home, it just started to bother me more. Do you guys think I should exchange these out? Or should I just keep them? I know size 36 in the classic beige and black toe caps are so hard to come by.. would it be worth it to exchange or should I keep it? The left shoe has more wrinkling than the right shoe IMG_1524166297.535414.jpg IMG_1524166331.627615.jpg IMG_1524166358.325439.jpg
  2. They're so pretty! Were they the display pair?
  3. It bothers you so I’d return. Can you just exchange for another pair?

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  4. I can see why this bothers you, but they are going to get wrinkled like this after you wear them a couple of times, so I personally wouldn't bother.
  5. I agree with cafecreme. I understand your concern but the wrinkles are inevitable - it'll happen with normal wear. Even though I baby my flats, they're already wrinkled in the back as well.
    But if it makes you hesitant, I would say to return it.
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  6. That’s true. I was thinking about that too. Do you think it would look more worn prematurely since the wrinkles were already there?
  7. Ya I was thinking of getting them exchanged but size 36 is so hard to find
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  8. This one wasn’t a display shoe
  9. I mean, maybe in the sense that when you wear them for the first time, it might look like you are wearing them for the second time? But not in a drastic or noticeable way, no.
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  10. If you aren't able to easily get another pair, and if, other than the wrinkles, this pair is pristine, I'd keep.
  11. totally agree

  12. It is going to wrinkle after wear anyway so I personally wouldn’t bother. But if it really does bother you, you should try to exchange them because they cost enough that they should make you 100% happy.
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  13. Keep them, they’re gorgeous! I own the same one and the wrinkles are inevitable :smile:
  14. no
  15. I personally won’t keep not because of the wrinkles but because both sides don’t look the same. I won’t mind if both sides are wrinkled the same way.