Would You Return/ Complain? New World Tour Item

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  1. Just got my new World Tour Bumbag delivered!!! So excited till I opened it up to find that the front tab looks like this. Would you keep it or call customer service? It looks like something indented on it while it was being made. Ughhhh

  2. I would not complain; that particular issue of the dents would be okay with me. However, for something like this, I would call LV right away so they don't accuse you of making those dents.
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  3. It’s such a cute bag! I would have noticed that and I would have been disappointed too. But, if the bag is difficult to exchange, I would rather keep it. Good luck and congrats :smile:
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  4. It seems minor but it’s so disappointing as it was a custom made brand new item and right in the center of the bag. I’m somewhat amazed it passed quality control.
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  5. It would bother me... it’s probably someone’s return if I had to guess
  6. I would exchange it.
  7. How could it be someones return if the bag was custom made for OP?

    OP, I personally wouldn’t pay too much attention to this but it seems like it really bothers you. The only thing you can do is bring it to your stores attention and go from there.
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  8. Oh sorry I missed that part but still I would be bothered by the indents
  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if that came out with time. Personally it wouldn’t bother me but it’s your bag. If you have to ask whether you should complain the answer is probably “yes”.
  10. The lack of quality control irks me. This was a custom piece. I guess it’s just a sad reminder of one of the reasons I’ve moved away from the brand over the past two years. Lesson learned...
  11. I had the same issue with the MP. It bothered me so I returned it.

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  12. I know! A custom piece with an issue!
    I myself never look at imperfections because nothing is perfect; however if it were custom made I would expect perfection. I would actually go to an LV store and stress my issue. Maybe they can change the piece that had indentations. Oh wow; there’s another few weeks before receiving my perfect bag. :biggrin:
    But hey!
    There you go. :smile:
    good luck. Let us know what you decided upon.
  13. Omg. I definitely need to inspect my bags more. :biggrin: I buy buy buy and never look. :lol:
    Btw good for you. :smile:
  14. I’m not terribly surprised, it’s still a mass produced “custom” made piece. Haute Maroquinerie pieces would probably be made with much more care.

    I also think it will soften in time but if you’re not happy, you should return without a second thought.
  15. Interesting the indents look to be in the same exact place
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