Would you return a scratched Marmont?

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  1. So I ordered the Marmont MD 2.0 Shoulder flap in Porcelain rose, once I got the bag to take a closer look I noticed there is a scratch at the bottom of the bag. The rest of bag looks spotless. For folks that have the marmont bag how has it held up? Will the scratches be inevitable and I should just love the bag? I really love the color and just not sure if they would have more in stock. :sad: I can post some pics in a bit.
  2. Obviously I haven't seen it, but unless it's the last Porcelain Rose Marmont flap available anywhere, I'd definitely return it and try to secure another one.
    I'm fairly careful with my bags and I've been carrying a couple of leather Marmonts (not Porcelain Rose) for months now without any significant marks showing on the leather, much less distinct scratches.
  3. It's actually quite deep now that I took a pic. :sad: Nordstrom only had this one. They found another in stock but the other one had significant scratches since it was on display at a different store. I guess I will need to try Gucci itself. :sad:

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  4. Ouch. I'd consider that a significant flaw in a new, full price Gucci bag.
    Always disappointing when this happens buying online. Fingers crossed that a perfect one turns up fast.
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  5. Nope, return that.
  6. Hi
    I would return that x
  7. I'd definitely return that!
  8. Please return for a perfect one, that scratch will always be in the back of your mind as well as on the bottom of the bag ;)
  9. Totally return it! Unless you got it for a great deal or discount, I wouldn't pay full price for a dinged up item...
  10. I'd return it. It's pretty deep and you purchased it new so it should be factory fresh.
  11. Return, looks pretty bad!
  12. I have the same bag in black and the first day I wore it I scratched it with my nail trying to open it. I have had the bag for six months now and I have several scratches on it. I try to be careful but have had no luck. All scratches have been from my nails and I don’t have super long nails. I really wish I would have purchased this bag pre-loved. The leather is really high maintenance. Also I am 5’7” and wearing this bag crossbody is not an option. All and all I still love the bag. Love this nude color too!!!
  13. By the way... I would return the bag. Since you purchased it brand new it should be flawless. It’s a lot of money!
  14. Scratches will happen and it is on the bottom of it at least, but I'd return unless you got a special deal like the 10 points day on your Nordstrom charge or something.
  15. Return if you paid full price. :smile:
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