Would you report if you see fakes being sold?

  1. As the title of the thread says..would you report a listing to eBay if you know for sure the bag being sold is fake?If you do,would the seller know you've reported them?Actually,does eBay even accept such reason for reporting?
    I just hate to see someone paying for something that's fake!It's not right..What would you do?
  2. Yes I would report definitely & no the seller will not know that it is you who has reported the item. eBay do not always take a listing down though, it is usually a waste of time & if you email the bidders to warn them, if they tell the seller then he/she can report you for auction interference!
  3. I used to, but since ebay didn't seem to do much about it (if anything), I've stopped bothering...
  4. If I'm having a slow day at work, absolutely. Especially the ones that have a lot of bidder activity or listed for a really high price. IMO, there are too many steps to reporting it and that I really have to have some time on my hands to report the fakes that are out there.
  5. Absolutely, I do it all the time.
  6. Totally! I would hate for someone to pay an absurd amount of money and think they are receiving the real thing. A lot of the auctions I reported were taken down by eBay.
  7. Yup, I do all the time also.
    Most (not all) of the fakes I report get taken down.
  8. I use this direct link (you have to sign in of course):

    and then just paste the numbers in there. It's a little faster.
  9. I can't tell you how much time I spend reporting! It gets very frustrating when the item doesn't get pulled and some poor fool pays good money for junk! I list fakes on knowknockoffs.com now and find that most do get pulled. Sometimes (like just this evening), I ask myself, why do I even care? If buyers don't do their homework and buy a 3k bag for 199, maybe they need to learn a lesson...
    I should go to bed, a fake is in it's last 12 hrs and the bidding is high and although I have reported and listed on kko.com it is still there, it's ticking me off.
  10. I do it all the time, now whether the auction is cancelled and the listing removed.....don't know for sure.
  11. im with you. 100%. i used be an avid reporter but then realized that wasnt my job. if ebay wanted to, they should hire me or someone else.:push:
  12. I reported a listing but they did nothing about it!!
    The guy's got like 100% fb...:tdown:
  13. If I'm 100% sure a bag is a fake I report it to eBay. The more people that report a bag, the more chance there is of eBay pulling it down. At least I try, even if it doesn't get removed.
  14. In the Balenciaga section, there's a thread (w/ sticky) "A place for the fakes"
    Several of us go through the listings daily and post the item numbers for other members to copy/paste and report.

    It seems to be working.
  15. I report fakes all the time if I am certain it's a fake. It only takes a second to do. Most of the time, eBay doesn't do anything, but every now and then they do take a listing down. I think it probably helps if they get lots of reports about the same item. I don't report every fake I see by any means (I wouldn't have time for much else!) but the particularly I do report the particularly egregious ones, particularly if it looks like a lot of people have been scammed into bidding. I figure someone getting an LV for $20 probably knows they are getting a fake and doesn't much care, but someone bidding $500 for a fake probably thinks they are getting the real deal.