Would you replace vachetta or buy a new bag?

  1. Just curious as to what you guys would do once the vachetta on your bags get all dark and dirty. Would you have them replaced or buy a new bag instead?
  2. Depends on how the rest of the bag looks. If everything else looks perfect except for the vachette, I'd just replace the vachette.
  3. I think it would depend on the price really to get it replaced, I rather send it to a place like lovin my bags and get them to clean all of it? Rather than replacing the vachetta or bag?
  4. I love the dark and dirty look on monos...
  5. do you mean the ones that are almost black? :confused1:
  6. I'm very attached to my mono bags and like the canvas on them, so I would opt for replacing the vachetta.
  7. Depends what bag it is, and if its worth it, like on a speedy i would prob just buy a new one but on a manhattan i would get the vachetta replaced!
  8. depends on the bag and what I use the bag for.
  9. I was wondering about that too.
    I saw a pic of a brand new petit noe & love the light vachetta. Mine is very dark but I don't want to buy a new one, the $$ you know....
    What to do?
  10. why not try using the magic eraser before replacing the vachetta?

  11. What is lovin my bags? Is it a local place for one to send their bags for cleaning?
  12. for me I would just buy new and pass on old bag to one of my younger sisters.
  13. Depends on the bag, the price (of the bag and the replacement) and what the rest of the bag looks like.
  14. :yes::yes::yes:I agree
  15. It all depends. I have a Mono Noe that has been used for 15 years and LV suggests me not to replace the vachetta or repair as the cost will exceed a brand new bag. So it's sitting in my antique LV museum now. :sad: