Would you reorder? Mini Paddy......

  1. Hi Ladies, I recently returned my mini paddy because the lock was peeling after 2 weeks, Instead I got a Moka Quiltted Bay as I like larger bags (and wanted to get the bay while the Moka was still available). But I've really regretted sending back the mini as it was in a colour from 06 that I love, love, love. The website still has some in that colour and I'm wondering should i reorder and hope the lock on this one is better? I just know that I wouldn't want a mini in any other colour and don't want to risk missing it.....

    I'm not getting any sense from my DH and need some advice, It would mean I would have to be on a ban for the rest of......well EVER!

    What do you ladies think?:confused1:
  2. ooh what color was your mini paddy?
  3. cat_uk;- get another, maybe try a different colour, was yours
    as you said before, the 06 choco like my new paddy?
    i reckon this colour is prob prone to peeling???
  4. Def get another:heart:. But try to get it somewhere else maybe.:yes:

  5. was the lock peeling or chipping? its normal for the lock to chip as a result from rubbing against the hardware. they are still selling 06 paddies? I thought they'd be extinct by now! I'd get it. I have 6 paddys and except my for my LE silver bling'd out paddy... the lock has some chipping here and there.
  6. I would certainly get it or else you will be forever wondering "What if?" Plus - you could even return the second one should it just discomfit you too much. And if you KEEP it - do not worry. Bans have a way of easing themselves out of existence and money WILL come - LOL!
  7. I would definitely go for it, especially with the feelings you are having -- as has been mentioned, you can always return it.
  8. nah Cat- I wouldn't, I would look for something else.

    I ordered a baby paddy from ASOS, thinking it was a nuage, and a galette arrived- a very similar colour, but the bag was a year older, which made me feel that it wasn't worth paying full price for, so I sent it back immediately.

    After a while I started to wonder if I still wanted my baby paddy, but I figured that if I had fallen in love with the bag I would have considered keeping it, regardless of season or the name of the shade.

    Now I know that your situation was slightly different, in that you did choose to keep the bag and then it was flawed so had to be returned.

    But you chose to send it back and then got a completely different style of bag instead rather than a replacement. To me that suggests the bag maybe isn't in your heart.

    I hope I am not speaking out of turn, rather than just saying - get it, but I am going on my (similar in that I had that baby in my hands) experience and relating my personal thought process to your question.

    I am currently trying to decide what my next bag will be, and heloise, bay and betty are all contenders. But baby paddy (cute as it is) isn't.
  9. You'll always regret, god know I do with the Anthracite( and so the longing still continues) Get the Baby paddy, but know chipping is inevitable\peeling
  10. I own a 06 choco mini paddy and it is in perfect condition... I purchased it around November and havent used it very often, maybe 10 times, but I usually carry it when I am with the children and it hasnt suffered any damage despite their assaults...
    I like the mini much better (in terms of color and size) than my muscade regular, which was an impulse buy that I have been regretting for a while now...
  11. Thanks ladies, I have reordered it. I just couldn't stop thinking about it and knew it would really bother me if I missed out on the Choc. But i'm going to take a good long look when it arrives and see if I really do want it before removing any tags.

    rubylola- Thanks for your advice, and ur not speaking out of turn at all. I'll bear what you've said in mind when the bag arrives and see how I feel.

    Thanks again for all your replies and I'll let you know when she arrives. Hopefully it'll be second time lucky!!!
  12. Keep my fingers crossed for you... I think the mini chocolate is too cute![​IMG]
  13. Ah thanks. Lovely to see you around, how was ur holiday? Did u miss ur bags? :smile:
  14. The skiing was great, thank you! And yes, I missed the Bay... I took my paddy along though, but it was in the closet almost all the time. At least I could look at it at night...:nuts:
  15. Ah like a security blanket :shame: What Paddy do you have?