Would you regret saying goodbye to 'A Classic'?

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  1. I need some of your valuable advice ladies - I'm having a sort out and I've got a classic Mulberry that just doesn't get used - would I regret saying goodbye do you think as its practically a 'must have' for any Mulberry lover?

    Is it fair to keep it knowing that it will only very rarely get used?

    What would you do?
  2. Hi Ali, nice to see you!

    Mmmm if it's difficult to have it again, I will probably keep it for now & try to use it. If it's around all the time (eg. Oak Bays) I may sell it.
  3. I think it depends a lot on your finances to be honest. If you can make a reasonable sum by selling it which would then enable you to buy a bag you will love and use a lot, then sell. But if you only stand to make a relatively nominal sum which won't make much difference to you one way or the other, then I would keep it personally. I don't think "fair" comes into it.

    And you can guarantee that the one occasion for which it would be the perfect bag will crop up as soon as you sell it!:pout:
  4. If it's darwin, then definitely keep it, whatever it is. You'd probably not find one again if you did have regrets.
  5. I have no problems of letting a classic go if it does not get used.
    I have just sold my Elgin in Chocolate / Oak as it was just sittning in it's dustbag.
  6. I've just moved on 8 bags and have 3 to go Ali-B. Some of them I actually prefer to a Mulberry icon that I'm hanging onto.
    Firstly I think the love may return, secondly she costs way way more now than she did when I got her, lastly I actually think rather than sell her, I'd give her to someone I know would appreciate her, but perhaps didn't have the funds to buy one. A bit like myself when my sons were young.
  7. Thank you all for your input - I'm leaning toward saying goodbye to it at the moment but I really don't want to regret it as I probably couldn't bring myself to buy another one to replace it. It is Darwin.
  8. difficult one. If it's not giving you any enjoyment and you don't use it then no point hanging on to it particularly if the money could be used elsewhere. Saying that if it's a classic darwin bag then I'd only part with it for a good price as they seem to becoming very desirable at the moment. I'd also suggest using the bag for a few days before thinking of parting with it in case you fall in love with it again!
  9. Hmmm, tricky one. I'd say part with it if you know you won't use it again but if there's a chance you will then I'd hold on to it.
  10. I've let all my Classic darwins go.
    They just weren't for me and weren't being used. I don't have any regrets but as Jo says, it might be worth using each for a while just to make sure?
  11. if you love it, keep it :smile:
  12. Hiya Ali - I would say that if you don't use it and wont use it in the future then let it go.
  13. I say get rid....if you're having doubts about keeping it, then the love isn't there I say! I sold oak bays, choc roxy and choc elgin and don't regret any of them.
  14. Classic or not, if you really are not using it, move her on and buy something else you love! The one thing about a classic is that further down the line if you find you really do miss it - its easy to get another ;) :biggrin:
  15. Sell, sell, sell!