Would you regret bidding on this?

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  1. Wow.. now that is one colorful keepall... I think is awesome but why would you want two of them?
  2. It's beautiful and the price is (still) absolutely amazing.

    I guess you never can have enough LV luggage :yes:

    (and if you don't wan't it, you can get me a pre-xmas present :graucho: ;) :P )
  3. I bidded on it only because I saw it at dirt cheap and no reserve!!! ehhhhh i mean a flippen 2700 bag for say $400 if I win the auction?
  4. is it authenitc fo rsure? ( i dont know thee things) my god matt get it and sell it to me hahah
  5. yep, with the MC increase, that is a steal... I would do it too! (if I could)...
  6. For the price it's going for (now)? Nah....don't regret it.
  7. my god its soo hot. seriously i will buy it off you.. tehee
  8. but to be honest: I think the price we'll go up, it's still more than 3 days to go :s

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you though :yes:
  9. I love this bag...and the price is great..maybe your second thoughts are becuase of the seller?? Isoldit chains kinda has a shaddy rep...(Not saying this particular location..but others...blatently selling fakes)..
  10. DUDE I want it!!!!
  11. well it is real. looks just like mine
  12. if it stays that low - definitely no regrets!
  13. well yeah a 2700 bag for 400 ish? not bad at ALL still has plastic on the hardware. I was going to use that $ towards my xmas lv but...
  14. Def. real, and a steal...but have a feeling it will go up alot, as kitty said...looks like the last black sold for 860, white just over 1000
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.