Would you recommend the Saint laurent woc?


Apr 6, 2017
3c1b9041c8d2f081abd47c682a6ff43c.jpg Hi everyone! So i've been saving up for a woc by saint laurent (I'm aware thats not the real bag name) and I finally have enough and I'm going on holiday so I'm wanting to buy it next week! Would you recommend this bag? I think its so beautiful and it looks very classy but I've been watching videos and many people have said that the quality isnt there and also the corners of the bag show wear and tear really easily which scares me and its making me wanna go buy the chanel woc but they just had a price increase! When I make a purchase I want it to be a good choice and that I'm gonna get my moneys worth! Have any of you got this bag and would you recommend it? :heart:
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Jul 22, 2015
The quality isn't amazing and just doesn't match the price, IMO. I would put the money toward a similarly sized bag by Gucci, Chloe, etc.