Would you rather...

  1. I've seen my wife on this forum day and night. Now, I've asked her these questions--you HAVE to choose one answer from each--

    Would you rather:

    lose all of your H bags in a fire or lose all of your jewelry?

    have to wear a fake H bag to the H store or be banned from this forum?

    be on this forum all day & night or pay attention to your DH???
  2. This is why I'm still single ... ;)
  3. ....Oh dear...all I know is that I have to be on this Forum when my DH isn't around, or else......:cursing:
  4. I'm guessing you haven't been showing her very much H love...perhaps if you did, she would be more inclined to lavish you with love, affection and attention? Something's missing from this picture. Try the little orange box!

    "Generosity is next to godliness." - Lady Emma
  5. Alternatively, a pair of H kneepads seems to work like a charm for some...

    Just kidding. :p

    Maybe you should talk to her instead of us ;)
  6. Awww :sad: I'd pay more attention to my husband if he wasn't always on his own computer. Stuff is just stuff.
  7. Wow, well said Emma....maybe that's why I'm not nice to my DH...'cause he HATES Hermès!!!
  8. LOL!!!!!! This is too funny...............PERFECT answer MISS TWILLY!!!!

    This forum is not just about Hermes bags....it's also about the friendships and comraderie that has developed between most of the ladies here BECAUSE of the love of Hermes. I would miss my cyber-friends very much if I couldn't log-on and chit-chat.......I was at a loss for them while I was away for 3-weeks last year..........
  9. I try also to limit my cyber habit to when Dh is at work... Although lST NITE WENT TO BED AT 8 WITH KIDS and sneaked the lap top up with a nice mug of tea saying to DH'Am so tired must go to sleep early tonite'...:graucho:
  10. ....I like this DH who posted this question.............who can it be?????

    CB Is this your Ultimate DH in disguise?????? Are you taking care of him the way you should!?!?!?!?!?
  11. i want to have my cake and eat it too. is that so wrong?
    i play these "would you rather" questions with friends only about really gross things like "would you rather sleep with your mother or your father" (it's just as perverse as asking us to pick between jewlery and H bags or walking around with a counterfit or giving up the forum!) :graucho:
  12. Thank you, Duna! I saw your "family photo" a while back and you're definitely getting a lot of H love:graucho: :graucho: :graucho:

    It's just stuff, right? To a man, definitely. To us, it means so much more. Men (not mine, luckily) always seem to use that excuse when they are too cheap or selfish to walk into the H store and spend the time trying to find something to please their loved one. It says a lot about the man. I'm not man-bashing here, just telling it like it is!

    My DH is terribly busy with his business, which leaves me too much time at times to do my own thing, but I try to be very understanding. We have an excellent relationship based on honesty and communciation. Perhaps this DH should have a nonconfrontational chat with his lovey and tell her how she feels, and then he'll find out why she's not rubbing his shoulders and bringing him cocktails and slippers after work.:s
  13. :roflmfao: Who's DH is this? :graucho:

    ITA I love my friends here and as DH is usually out of town for work I am free to chat. :supacool:

    LOL SMom!!!! My DH is out of town...again! He'll actually be home for Valentine's Day. yay!
  14. Hear, hear! (or is it here, here?):roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. well, I think you need to find something to do with your time....maybe a car forum or sports forum????!!! Unless, of course, you want us to give you Hermes advice???? and entice that hidden desire of yours for H items:love: :yes: