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  1. I know this is a Mulberry site so this question may be a little out of place. Nevertheless, here is my question.

    If you could only get one bag out of the below 3, which would you pick and why:
    1. Mulberry Lily
    2. Louis Vuitton Alma BB
    3. Gucci Dionysus mini

  2. Lily! Definitely! I never cared for Gucci and I just don't think the brand is even in the same league as Mulberry or Louis Vuitton. Just not interested at all. I do like Louis Vuitton. I even own a couple LV bags... and I like the Alma BB... but Louis Vuitton can also be a bit tacky you know? In a good way, but it's just not always appropriate for every occasion. Especially if you're thinking of the monogram. While a Lily on the other hand, I really think that's a bag you can take everywhere.
  3. Definitely the Lily. I had to look up the Gucci one and I didn't like it at all, sorry :shame: The Alma is quite nice, but given the choice out of those 3, it would the Lily every time.
  4. Lilly
  5. #5 Apr 18, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2016
    My vote goes too Alma bb. It is versatile with shoulder and hand carry options. Very durable and understated in epi leather. I love that it maintains its shape. I own both the Lily and Alma bb. The leather in my Lilly has softened a lot and you do have to fill it up so that it maintains it shape. My lily feels more dressy to me, while Alma bb can be casual and dressy. I do love using the Lily when I'm dressed up though! I'm not familiar with the Gucci.
  6. Just to add Alma bb is gorgeous and very durable in damier ebene too. You can wear damier ebene and epi in any weather.
  7. Lily in case the 'design' team tweak the design and then the LV, sorry but never been a fan of Gucci
  8. Alma BB for me too, but that's probably because I have my eye on one of those too in the epi leather......
  9. Lily definitely for me, it's such a classic, simplistic lines, easy to open and has got everything going for it.

    I have the LV Alma in the next size up, PM but it's quite difficult to get into because of the shape & zip. It would drive me nuts struggling to access anything smaller. Mine is in the Vernis leather and the Epi is even thicker and stiffer.

    I have one Gucci, the soho but none of the others have ever appealed. The one you have mentioned looks eminently forgeable.
  10. Lily all the way! I absolutely adore mine, I can wear it dressy or casual, on the shoulder or crossbody. I love it :loveeyes:
    It can fit a lot as well, I never had to leave something at home because I didn't have the space in the bag. Use a small wallet and you can fit loads.When I got the bag I was not sure I would use it a lot, but it has become my most used Mulberry!
  11. Based on shape, I like Lilly and LV's Alma BB. But based on color options and material, I only like Lilly. So, Lilly gets my vote.
  12. I love the LV epi leather but not a fan of alma in any shape or size, even though I own a very old regular sized alma. My vote goes to lily reg or medium size. The alma and lily are very different bags though, depends on what you are using her for.
  13. Thank you all for your comments. It's very helpful. Have decided to get the Mulberry Lily in black.

  14. The Mulberry Lily is a classic and timeless design, suitable for many occasions. Different leathers, too, give a nice choice.