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  1. Keep Chanel GST or LV speedy empreinte in black?

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  2. I love Chanel so I would definitely keep the GST.. hahaah! :smile:
  3. I would rather have chanel GST....
  4. Tough choice. Own both like u and both are great bags. Prob best louis bag so far.
  5. Wow, they're both gorgeous! The GST seems more "user-friendly", though, as you can more easily slip stuff into and out of your bag.
  6. Not a big fan of the GST (no offense to anyone), so I would say the LV.
  7. Lv.
  8. My beats headphones don't fit so well in it cause the zip compartment in the middle. It's pretty annoying!
  9. my vote goes to the LV as well
  10. GST is not my favorite Chanel bag, but I prefer it to the speedy. I have a speedy aging (unused) in my closet for several years.
  11. I thought empreinte isn't as easy to take of as caviar?

    If so, I will pick GST
  12. Generally Chanel always beats LV for me, but in this case I'm not a fan of GST so the LV looks way better to me.
  13. GST gets my vote
  14. Though I am a Chanel fan, I have to say the LV is better .
  15. Hate to say this in the Chanel forum, and as a huge Chanel lover, but between the two I prefer the LV.