Would you Rather...

  1. ...lose twenty pounds or have your dream bag?
  2. Dream bag! I can lose twenty pounds anytime! (I can dream can't I?)
  3. I would probably set a goal --> lose 20lbs = get my dream bag!
  4. dream bag. i'm trying to become more comfortable in my own skin. :smile:
  5. I would probably have said lose the weight almost two years ago, but I DID lose the weight (and then some!), so bring on the dream bag!
  6. Dream bag. I actually think that I would die if I lost 20 pounds.
  7. lol, you sure did! Go get that dream bag :yahoo:
  8. I would say lose 20 but only if you could keep it off forever. Since that is never going to happen, I say dream bag :smile:
  9. At this point in my life, I would say dream bag because if I lost 20lbs right now, I'd be unhealthy. That decision might change somewhere down the line though :yes:
  10. agreed! then you get the best of both worlds! :tup:
  11. Good for you! I think this is admirable. :heart:
  12. That is my goal. Well, not 20 lbs but I am rewarding myself with a bag.
  13. Dream purse....You can always lose weight later, but your dream purse style might disappear.
  14. Definitely the 20 lbs!!!
  15. Lose 20 lbs. I can buy the purse anytime. LOL!