would you rather...

  1. okay say you have two identical bags, both gently loved and not perfect but perfect enough for you because you love them.

    one has wear under the turnkey from a lock hanging, you know the semicircle - the other has worn corners that cannot be fixed......which would you keep and which would you toss? you only want to keep one.

    oh by the way you keep the bag open all the time LOL.
  2. what leathers?
  3. Well...you could hide the smiley by continuing to hang the lock from the turnkey...
  4. I'd rather have the smiley bag.
  5. barenia!
  6. Ditto - I'd rather have the smiley bag and just keep the lock on.
  7. Smiley bag:yes:
  8. WHATTTT??????????????????? :nuts:

    there just better be beaucoup notice before either goes on the block.
  9. LOL DQ i thought you were first in line for my croc!!!
  10. Keep the smiley bag--
  11. uh DQ i just looked closely at your avatar horsie and that rider has some pretty good hip action going on LOL, he is a real buckeroo!
  12. the smiley bag does have very nice corners i can say.
  13. The smiley bag!! Just get keep the cadena on it.
  14. croc is dreamy, but i am a barenia FIEND of the highest degree. :p
  15. all righty then, fiendism is noted! :roflmfao: