Would You Rather Work For A male Boss or Female Boss ?

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  1. Would you rather work for a male boss or female boss ?

    Or does it matter to you ?
  2. Well let's see...currently I work for a female, just left working for a male, and worked for a gay male.

    My personal favorite was the gay male...a lot less relaxed environment, crazy conversations, and he was great, except when he was on his period or having issues w/his boyfriend (who worked there also). We did the best stuff...we went out to eat all the time, he exposed me to a lot of great restaurants in our area that I would have never thought to look at, told me all about the local celebrities that were in the closet, we went to concerts together, movies together, and he gave the best christmas presents.

    So my answer...gay male.
  3. Either..as long as there is respect going both ways..
  4. I don't think it really matters, since there's going to be jerks (and also fabulous people) in both categories.
  5. I would prefer males, but I had a really great female boss and now I have a sucky female boss.:crybaby:
  6. Either as long as they dont micro manage!
  7. i haven't had any female boss so far... so i can't reallly compare. Most of my male bosses are nice :P
  8. definately a male. most women can´t get along with me jobwise so
  9. I wouldn't mind working for either..but currently I'm working for my father.
  10. Either- but I've probably had more "power trip/attitude problems" with the female ones in the past.
  11. I have worked for both in my life and I can honestly, 1005 say that i would much, much rather work for a male boss than a female one.
  12. I'm working for a female boss that's exactly like that right now. She's so damn competitive with the other managers that she pushes those in her team almost to insanity.

    I definitely prefer a male boss. I've worked for one in past and he was so laid back, but still got alot of respect from us. In my experience, the women bosses have just been plain crazy and *****y. Sorry, but it's true.
  13. Male boss.
  14. Male boss, gay or straight.

    Women are more criticizing and harder on other women more than men.

    My female boss now is crazy :wtf: but she's also nice (you don't really see that side though)
  15. I've worked for both males and female bosses. I personally had a huge problem working for the female boss because she micro managed like crazy. She didn't know how to approach people nicely so she was always coming across as rude. I actually thought she was a nice lady outside of work. But we didn't see much of that since she didn't get invited to a lot of our get-togethers :shrugs:

    I work for a male boss right now. He's the nicest guy ever. He's approachable and very fair. However, I did have a male boss who was just a real jerk, and always made sexist and racist comments :censor:

    So for me, I don't really care whether I work for a male or female boss, as long as they are fair and respectful.