Would you rather shop at the outlet or PCE?

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  1. I'm going to a Coach outlet mid-June.
    Love that Medium Carly in Denim, but I'm sure it's sold out by now. Also love the Slim Flap in Denim.
    Should I shop during the PCE, or the outlet instead?
    Nothing else is catching my eye at the boutique.

    Thanks for your input!!:smile:
  2. Do both!!
  3. Both!!
    No seriously, I've never seen or gotten anything at PCE that was later available for less at outlet. Oh wait: I did see some charms I purchased available about 9 months later at $19 vs. $21 I paid at PCE.

    If you want something - always buy it at PCE and return later if fall in love with something at outlet.
  4. And you can order from JAX at PCE too. So bottom-line, if you know the style number and it exists in Coach inventory, you can purchase at 25% off and have it sent to home.
  5. I personally love the "treasure hunt" aspect of outlet shopping. However, if it's something you definitely want and it's popular go to the boutique.
  6. I love to find interesting stuff at the outlets, my favorite Coach bags are the older ones or rare ones that no one else has, I hate when I see the same bag on everyone, I like having the different ones. I think I've maybe bought one Coach at the boutique for full price, everything else from the outlet with a few ebay ones thrown in.

    I love finding an awesome bag at the outlet!!!
  7. PCE! stuff would still be in the boutique after you bought it so you could feel like you have the newest stuff!
  8. I LOVE to find a great bag at the outlet but that is definitely hit or miss. IF there is a particular bag you want that is available in the boutique, get it during the PCE. You probably won't get if for much less at the outlet anyway. I recently purchased a whiskey Ali at the outlet and I got it for $13 less than the PCE price would be. That was great but if the PCE came up before I found my Ali I would have bought it during the event.
  9. I never regret my boutique purchases - there are a few outlet buys I have regretted....
  10. I prefer the outlet also. I like the fact that I don't really know what I may find. The outlet thread is my favorite in this forum. I went to the outlet in San Marcos last month and I loved the fact that I was able to get the mini signature and the embossed. They are my favorites.
  11. I prefer the PCE and the boutique. I just never find any handbags I like at the outlets. The ones I like just never make it to the outlet so I buy at the Coach Boutique. Your outlet might have a better selection though, so try it out.
  12. I prefer the outlet as well.
    You never know what you will find and the discounts are great!
  13. I find stuff at both. I love the outlet but if there is something I want from the boutique I get it.
  14. I love shopping at the outlet store. It's like you never know what you are going to find! And it seems that the boutique bags are hitting the outlets faster than in the past.
    Also, I like having an outlet only piece. They are much less carried around here since the closest outlet is 3 hours away.
  15. I love the outlet. I'm fairly new to Coach, so the older styles are new to me!