Would you rather own (for a lot of $$) or borrow for free??

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  1. So I'm trying to settle a disagreement between my boyfriend and I. I am currently in my 5th and final year of college, and will be moving home for a year to save up money before getting married and moving out on my own. At home, my mother has an *awesome, to die for* purse collection which includes LV (dozens), chanel, prada, gucci...you name it. She has worn each bag probably less than 3 times, and they are all in immaculate condition.

    Here's the thing: I'd love to start my OWN massive bag collection, but my bf insists that I can just borrow from my mom, (she loves to share!) at least for a little while (until I work full time and can buy whatever I want) We have similar taste, but not always.

    Would you ladies rather spend thousands of dollars to build your own collection (and have to wait a long time to amass a significant collection), or borrow for free?
  2. i would much rather build my own collection. i'm only 16, and i don't even borrow from my mother's collection (though i love it, and help her pick things out for it). i'm already in the process of creating my own, and am in love with so many of the bags in it. i find it much more satisfying to carry my own bag than someone else's.
  3. i think borrowing is good while you're trying to save money to start your life and is the responsible thing to do, but i love buying! i hope to have a huge collection eventually :smile:
  4. My mom also has a MASSIVE collection, and I am slowing starting mine as well. I would borrow ones that I like but dont really want to buy, but for limited editions I'd save and buy it myself :biggrin:
  5. Perhaps I can justify splurging on a Balenciaga since my mother doesn't have one in her collection :amuse:
  6. Def own. Once I find a bag that I love, there is no way I'm going to give it back!
  7. haha, exactly. that's how your own beautiful collection can start.
  8. I would borrow while you are trying to save money, espically since you are saving money for such important things! No one is saying you can't buy bags in the future, plus in the mean time you will still have awesome bags to carry around to hold you over!
  9. I'll have to agree with your bf, because you'll need the saved money for your wedding ($$) and to possibly purchase a nice condo/house ($$). I'm not saying go "cold turkey" and not buy a handbag ever, but just don't go crazy trying to start your dream collection while you're staying at home with mom. I would cease this opportunity to save like crazy (good things will come to those who wait), buy a bag only if you really, absolutely cannot resist. There will always be "it" bags around! Besides, someday I'm sure your kind and generous mom will give you her beautiful collection!
  10. agreed with purse momma...and if you do decide to buy one....buy only the limited!!
  11. Yes...I see your point :love: would it be ok to get just ONE bag instead of amassing an entire collection (balenciaga...something she doesn't have!!) :shame:
  12. Borrow for a while and have a fabulous wedding. Your mom's treasures may be yours someday :biggrin: OR maybe you ask for a bag or two as a wedding present?
  13. Definitely borrow. When you finally go on your own, you'll be forced to buy anyway - and maybe Mom will let you take a bag or 2 anyway :biggrin:
  14. I prefer to own. But then again, I don't have this problem, and it's my mom that's borrowing from me !
  15. LOL! :lol: Does balenciaga have a wedding registry??? :lol: