Would you rather own a pot-bellied pig or a ferret?

  1. I like ferrets. They remind me of meerkats.
  2. ^ I agree I :heart::heart: ferrets. I used to own one but unfortunally he died. We left for vacation and when we came back he just seem very sad, he did not want to play or anything, hes hair was falling. So I took him to the vet and he couldnt do anything to save him so we put him at sleep. :crybaby: I so much loved him. I cryed for like a month. I remember my mom used to walk into my room and she will see me looking at his pics and I was cryng all the time ... so she took the pics and put them away.... hes name was Rasco...
  3. Personally I would rather own a pot bellied pig. Ferrets remind me of rats.
  4. Ferrets ^-^
  5. I owned a pot-bellied pig and don't recommend one unless you have a good yard for them to root around in. You can control their weight with diet but they can still get up to 250lbs or so. Very smart but also very stubborn.
    Ferrets are cute and smart as well but are very active and always on the go. Lots of energy.
    That said, I would own a pot bellied pig again if I had the room for it. At least they like to nap alot.
  6. ^^ ditto!!! :tup:
  7. I've never been around a pig in person but I hear they make good pets. I have, however, been around a ferret. It was sort of mean and a pain in the behind. Ran all over and wasn't friendly at all. So I'd say I'd go with the pig.
  8. a ferret, i have 2. i've met someone with a pot bellied pig, they just don't seem as fun as ferrets.
  9. pot-bellied pig....
    when i retire, i will have one....
  10. pot bellied pig...i don't like ferrets that much, they're too long and skinny gor my tastes.
  11. I would go with pot bellied pig.
  12. funny question to ask. Are you thinking of getting either? I personally think I would go with the ferret, but never really looked into have a pet pig, so may have to investigate more before I give my final answer ;)
  13. No doubt.. a ferret! We had a good friend get a pot bellied pig a few years ago. He was all caught up in the "Oh, it's so small & cute, not like regular pigs!" Well, that thing grew up & got HUGE. He had an entire room in his house devoted to this pig. His house smelled (even though the pig was bathed) The pig absolutely destroyed this room, floors & walls. It was awful~ I felt bad for both him & the pig but he got in WAY over his head on that one!