would you rather have....??


which would you rather have??

  1. cerises pochette

  2. recital

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  1. a cerises pochette or a recital??
  2. Pochette got my vote. But it depends on use. Recital is def classier and cerises is more fun.
  3. Recital for me. I think it's classy, functional and versatile.
  4. Cerises pochette :yes:
  5. Cerises all the way
  6. cerises! i missed out on it, and i was offered one. but i got the hl instead.
    i was so sad because hl was permanent, but at least now the mc hl is discontinued, mine feels more "special"
  7. The cerise! I personally think that the recital is an overglorified pochette that costs $200 more
  8. I'd rather the recital
  9. My vote is for the Cerises Pochette.
  10. Cerises Pochette vote here.
  11. recital
  12. Hahaha what a tough decision...ok not really, THE POCHETTE :tounge:
  13. Cerises Pochette! Just coz it's limited edition :smile:
  14. Cerises
  15. ltd ed's do it for me. recital? not so much.