would you rather have....


lotsa cheap-ish, or a little expensive

  1. lotsa littler designers

  2. a bit of expensive

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  1. a lot of little name designer bags (juicy, dooney, sometimes coach)
    or a little or higher end brands? (lv, hermes, chanel)

    just curious.
    ive heard both sides, but i wanna hear what you guys think.
    (and i dont think coach and dooney and juicy are little, only when compared to brands like lv anc chanel...)
  2. a bit of expensive!!!!
  3. def a bit of expensive
  4. sry guys i'm a hardcore coach fan, and i've fallen head over heels for dooney as well, so i'd say more more more !

    ETA: great poll btw!
  5. Even though I'm obsessed with Coach, I voted a little expensive. If I had a Birkin, I'd never need to carry another bag!
  6. Expensive :yes: because (not to offend anyone) I find the quality of the expensive bags to be better than the smaller designers.
  7. i guess coach just does it for me, i bet the quality of those handbags are perfect, but for me, i switch purses like twice a day, i like having lots of OPTIONS ! :wlae:
  8. a bit of expensive :smile: can't get enough of LV.
  9. a bit of expensive- I just :heart: BBags and can't get enough!
  10. well, i used to wantlots and lots of juicy, but when mine fell apart, i still had my lvs...so yah.
  11. i really only use Coach and Dooney so far, but i'm not that far into the game yet, gimme time i'm sure that'll change... i know for a fact i'll always have a collection of at least those 2, as my mom has one that will go to me one day!
  12. A bit of expensive, though I have a good mix of both!
  13. hehe i love being the minority!

    mooore for meee. :yes:
  14. Definitely the expensive! Although sometimes it's sooo hard when I see other bags I love!
  15. I say 85% expensive and 15% lower price. I have a few Coach bags that I still really LIKE but I LOVE my LV, Chloe, MJ, Fendi, Prada....