Would you rather have one WOW purse or three nice bags???


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Dec 2, 2005
I have been wondering this a lot lately: is it better to have one WOW bag (for me, the Balenciaga first) or three nice bags (botkier clyde & trigger, & LV Batignolles horizontal)? Sometimes I regret purchasing my three bags (within a month :blink: ) and thinking I should've just splurged on the Balenciaga instead...other times, I think its much more practical to have three "nice" bags that have distinctly different styles which I can wear with a wide array of clothes...

Btw, I LOVE all my three bags, but maybe its just that little Balenciaga devil that sits on my shoulder that says "WHAT ABOUT ME?!" :evil:


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
that's a choice i argue over with myself often. i'll see a bag i LOVE, but it's $1500, then i think 'wouldn't it be smarter to split that between two bags that you also like a lot?'

i guess it depends on the versatility of that one bag. :-/ i dunno. i have yet to find an answer to this question myself.
Jan 10, 2006
I think it all depends... Like I wish I hadn't gotten my BCBG signature hobo and that wasn't a cheap purchase... Then there's the $6 Old Navy messenger that I really like. I think it's about getting what you're more likely to use. But there are times where one GREAT bag is way better than three "regular" bags, especially if you already have a collection.