Would you rather have one WOW purse or three nice bags???

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  1. I have been wondering this a lot lately: is it better to have one WOW bag (for me, the Balenciaga first) or three nice bags (botkier clyde & trigger, & LV Batignolles horizontal)? Sometimes I regret purchasing my three bags (within a month :blink: ) and thinking I should've just splurged on the Balenciaga instead...other times, I think its much more practical to have three "nice" bags that have distinctly different styles which I can wear with a wide array of clothes...

    Btw, I LOVE all my three bags, but maybe its just that little Balenciaga devil that sits on my shoulder that says "WHAT ABOUT ME?!" :evil:
  2. all those bags are pretty nice ones... so that's a tough choice to make. i'm gonna have to think about this one... but i'm leaning towards the three bags though.
  3. Can I have them all??? I think I will get the 3s since I change my mind so often. But I am sure I will get the 4th at the end anyway....
  4. otherwise I will regret later
  5. that's a choice i argue over with myself often. i'll see a bag i LOVE, but it's $1500, then i think 'wouldn't it be smarter to split that between two bags that you also like a lot?'

    i guess it depends on the versatility of that one bag. :-/ i dunno. i have yet to find an answer to this question myself.
  6. It would be 3 for me. I know I would always rotate them but would get bored using the same one over and over.
  7. I think I've been deciding in favour of the 3 (or whatever number) nice bags, in the past. Now (recently), I've been leaning more and more towards the 1.
  8. I love to switch up my bags! So I would have to say I would prefer 3 bags to 1, if I could not get them all!
  9. I would buy the 1 purse. I feel that once you start thinking about how many other less priceier bags you can purchase you're just tricking yourself into liking other bags.
  10. I'd save my money and buy one incredible bag. Then I'd start saving all over again until I could afford another spectacular bag...
  11. I think it all depends... Like I wish I hadn't gotten my BCBG signature hobo and that wasn't a cheap purchase... Then there's the $6 Old Navy messenger that I really like. I think it's about getting what you're more likely to use. But there are times where one GREAT bag is way better than three "regular" bags, especially if you already have a collection.
  12. Probably one great bag. I don't buy bags unless I am totally in love with them.
  13. One - I'd rather use it everyday than three that I'd swap everyday
  14. One WOW bag for me. :amazed:

    I'm too lazy to change bags anymore.
  15. I'd rather have several really nice bags and the occasional "wow" bag. That way, I won't wear the "wow" bag out and it stays special.:biggrin: