Would you rather have multiple...

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  1. Hi, again~!

    Would you rather have multiple leather Birkins for the price of one croc. Birkin?? I am not saying if you choose croc. Birkin, it would be your only Birkin. For the same amount of money, would you rather have more birkins, or less number for croc.?

    One of my friend told me "I rather have 4 leather Birkins for the price of one croc. Birkin!" The tone of her voice and entire conversation made me feel like I was out of my mind to choose croc. Birkin over leather Birkin while I could have so many more bags if I bought leather Birkins for the same amount of money.

    I truely adore all of my croc. Birkins and absolutely no regret buying them.

    But I am just curious...anyone feels the same way as my friend did? I promise! I won't get offended!!!:p
  2. Well, I'm not into croc Birkins for myself (love them on others, though) but CROC KELLYS....well, that's another story....

    But I agree with your friend, I think I'd still keep all my leather Kellys instead of just one croc....unless it was a 28 sellier vert jasmin porosus....then SEE YA, LEATHER KELLYS!!!!!!!......
  3. Croc!
  4. If it's not and either/or situation then I would most definitely have croc as part of my collection. :yes:
  5. I would rather have a Croc!! But I would have to have at least one regular leather to shlep around everyday...
  6. i read a question asking whether i want "multiple . . . "

    for some reason my mind does not go to handbgs.
  7. My husband adores Croc and has tried to buy me Croc on two occassions, I declined both times much to the SA's horror. I would prefer leather over Croc but just because I am uncomfortable with Croc anything (anything reptilian for some reason). But if you asked my DH, he'd tell you to get a Croc over 4 or 5 leather bags any day of the year.
  8. ^^^LOL DQ!

    I would love to have a collection like yours A. And certainly a single croc, if I could have at least one other leather birkin.
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    bad girl!
  10. I love croc but my lifestyle just doesn't work so well with it. Given that...it makes more sense for me to have multiple non-croc Birkins.
    I would be more likely to use a croc Kelly over a croc Birkin.
    Sigh. I do love looking at croc Birkins and love your collection...but if I had one it would rarely see daylight.
  11. DQ!! Very, very bad!!! LOL!!
  12. story of my life LOL! i would trade four birkins for a croc birkin any day....you go girl!
  13. :yahoo::yahoo:
  14. all i know is my DH better not make me choose when my dream croc is offered to me!!
  15. If I had a choice I would fo sho go for the croc!!!! I love croc heels too!!!!