Would you rather have a couple of kellys or one birkin?

  1. Would you rather have a couple of other Hermes bags in different colors or one birkin?:flowers:
  2. I have 3 birkins and now I want a kelly :graucho:
  3. I need the Birkin above all other H bags....
  4. Well, I went the opposite way. I had 2 kelly's and decided I wanted 1 Birkin. Therefore the kellys were out and Birkin in. I am prone to not using my bags all that much and decided that I wanted one that I would actually use exclusively. I have a Mono LV speedy for rainy days and my one birkin.:yes:
  5. I adore my Kelly. A Birkin is too heavy for me and there is that lack of a shoulder strap. If I could have a 2nd bag, it would either be a Bolide mou in a color for summer or a classic black box Constance for dressier occasions. I love the look of a Birkin but it just wouldn't work well for me.
  6. I reach for a birkin every day!
  7. I'm just not mentally ready for a Kelly YET so it's the one (fabu) birkin for me.
  8. I would keep my Kellys over my Birkins.
  9. I love my Kellys and have not fallen for the Birkin so this is easy for me...I would even take one Kelly rather than one Birkin, but that is just me...
  10. I love my one Kelly:love:, haven't fallen for birkin yet:sweatdrop:
  11. I'd definitely go for one birkin over two kellys.
  12. It would be like picking which child I like better...
  13. good question. I have 3 kids, the youngest is only 10 months so carrying my birkin is impossible. I'd rather carry my Kelly bags. The shoulder strap helps a lot. As nice as birkin are they are too inconvenient to use with small children. I need my hands free.
  14. Whatever you sell, at least keep one Kelly! They are truly timeless!
  15. If I could have only one, it'd be a Kelly. I hope to start my quest for a Birkin in a month or so but a Kelly, with its strap, perfect size, etc. is just more practical if I were limited to one of the two choices.