Would you rather have 1 Hermes or several other bags?

  1. I've been collecting Louis Vuitton for some time now, but have been looking into Hermes...I've never actually come close to buying one, though. Recently I've considered selling my entire LV collection to fund ONE Hermes.... Am I being completely ridiculous to consider one bag over many? Do you think I'll regret it if I do it?
  2. I'm pretty bias....1 Hermes bag (Birkin!).
    Bit really sweetie its what makes you happy. If your going to regret selling off your collection for one Hermes bag, then dont do it. Best to be happy with no regrets.
  3. No
  4. I meant, "No" in answer to your question about replacing all your LV bags with one Hermes. But then, that's just me. I don't need a lot of bags. (Or at least I didn't think I did until I got my first Hermes)
  5. You will never regret it! This is almost exactly what I did!!!
  6. Welcome Kimalee! Hmmm....as far as whether or not you'll regret it, I think that it's difficult to say as only you know how much you use you will get out of one bag versus having a collection and variety of LV bags to choose from. Which H-bag were you considering?

    I do know that many of us here on the board have converted over to the H-side completely and wound up selling quite a few of our non-H bags to fund H ones and most, if not all, would agree that there have been no regrets in doing so. That being said, I personally wouldn't be able to live with let's say, one Birkin, as that bag does not meet all of my needs; i.e. a bag with shoulder straps would be important as would a bag more suited for evening.

    Regardless, I never tire of Hermes as I did with other brands, and I know that I have an investment that definitely will last and can be repaired if needed.
  7. I bought my first birkin says it will be the only bag i have...and sold off all my other bags after I got it.

    I didn't look back....

    but I did end up buying more Hermes.
  8. If u ask me.... i want to have several Hermes bags!!!:p

    :back2topic: Buying a Hermes bag is like how one jump from general bags to luxury bags. How we will prefer to have one LV over several say Target bags. So if u were to ask me.. Definitely, once i own an Hermes, i will most probably will not need the rest.
  9. Definitely not ridiculous!! I have sold nearly all of my non-H bags to finance my H-bag addiction (of course it didn't exactly work out even, LOL), and I know of lots of others around here who have done the same! If I suddenly could only have one bag for the rest of my life, it would be an Hermes bag and I would not regret it because there's nothing better than the best.

    One person I know literally consigned something like 35 bags, mostly LV, to sell so she could buy Hermes! You are definitely not alone.
  10. I have no idea which one I would get! I only know of Birkin and Kelly lol (I prefer the Birkin out of the two). I usually only use my one favorite LV all the time anyway...and I have many other bags that aren't LV, so I'd be fine with the whole shoulder bag thing... I just love the idea of a bag I can have forever...a while ago, that's how I looked at Louis Vuitton, but it doesn't seem like 'luxury' so much anymore, kwim?
  11. :wtf:Wow, 35? I don't have nearly that many, LOL! But I find that 99% of the time, I use my favorite LV, so really, there's no point in having a ton of them!
  12. hhhmmm...this is a tough question...can't answer that for you 'coz I'm in the same boat as well :shame:

    I have actually managed to keep my other handbags whilst adding some H
    but am beginning to think that I have to "streamline" my collection to buy more H
    I just can't figure out which ones to part with and which ones to keep... :p

    thanks for posting this question...as I'll be looking at what the others have to say too...
  13. Kimalee, i am in the same boat to you, I really want ONE Hermes birkin, but i dont think i can sell all my bag and only get ONE birkin... i mean i dont need too many purses, but we need few purses for different occassion, and personally, I cant see myself carrying birkin for EVERY occassion.

    For me, i think I'll wait until my bank account says I am ready, and meanwhile, keep my eyes off from any other purses (or luxurius anything) :sad:.
    Or maybe you can sell some of your purses which share similar purposes with birkin, and save up bit for covered the top?
  14. That's a good idea...I'm thinking of selling all buy my very favorite LV. I don't think I'd rather have one holy grail than 10 nice ones, you know? And I know that if I keep waiting, I'll just get impatient and keep buying more in its place instead of saving up...I'm too impatient and too irrational!
  15. btw, can anyone educate me on the difference between a Birkin and a Sac Haut Courroies? Many thanks!