Would you rather go to a theme park or a museum?

  1. Theme parks don't do much for me anymore.

    I'd rather go to a museum...
  2. Since I live in the land of theme parks, my choice is a museum.....alot more quiet, and better for the brain!!!!
  3. I like Museum's. Although when I was younger this answer would have been THEME PARK HANDS DOWN! But now that Ive gotten older, I dont enjoy roller coasters and all that mess.
    Now...a theme park with "shows" instead of rides...I may have to say thats a tie with a Museum.
    Was that confusing? lol
  4. Definitely a museum. They are quieter, indoors and generally have less children/massive 4WD prams!

    Oh, and you can learn something at one too.
  5. I am addicted to museums! Never been a theme park kinda a gal.
  6. museum, i suppose
  7. Honestly, it depends on what type of mood I am, KWIM?

    If I'm feeling for a thrill then I'll go to a theme park and ride the roller coasters and other crazy rides all my little heart desires.
    But if I'm feeling for something more sophisticated and cultural, then I'll go to a museum.
  8. I love going to art museums.
  9. Museum!

    I was at the San Antonio SeaWorld last week and it was the biggest waste of money ever. I paid $48.99 + tax to watch my niece and nephew enjoy the water park. The shows were too crowded and they only had maybe 3 rollercoasters and the other few rides took at least an hour to ride. This was during the weekday!

    I suppose it was worth it because my mom, niece and nephew got in for free. Military families go in free once a year and since my brother is in Iraq, we took his kids.
  10. I'd pick the theme park. I've been dying to go to disneyland again!
  11. I am 100% Team Museum! :smile:
  12. Theme park. I did not reach the stage(and im not sure I will ever get there)where I find muesums intresting..I think they are boring so I would rather go and have fun at a theme park.
  13. I used to love roller coasters. Now, honestly, they kind of freak me out, given those news reports of malfunctioning theme park rides.

    I would prefer to go to a museum.

    The last time I was in New York, I spent the bulk of Sunday at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I caught the Chanel exhibit and then just meandered through the museum, making sure I stopped at my favorites: the Egyptian Wing and Weaponry. After that I had lunch in the cafeteria. It was a wonderful day.
  14. i'm going to have to say theme parks!

    disneyland is STILL my favorite place ever -- and i'm "older!".. haha!

    museums, kinda bore me! .. [haha!]

    everyone sounds very sophisticated, and would rather go to a museum .. and here i am 23 .. and loooovin' my theme parks still :smile:
  15. THEME PARKS!!! they are sooo much fun:tup:

    i do like going to museum but come on museum over a theme park never...lol...maybe i will change my mind when im old but for now it's all about the coasters