Would You Rather....? (fun)

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  1. Hire a maid service
    Move yourself or hire movers to move you?
  2. Hire movers
    Eat a steak that is medium well or medium rare?
  3. Medium rare
    Eat french fries or onion rings?
  4. Fries

    Baked potato with butter or sour cream?
  5. Neither
    Running or walking for exercise?
  6. Speed walking
    Ketchup or gravy on fries
  7. Ketchup
    Brunch or happy hour
  8. Brunch
    Burger and fries or fish and chips?
  9. Burger and fries.

    Sleeping in on weekend or going out?
  10. Sleeping in
    Same quy
  11. Sleeping in....
    Clean yourself or have a cleaning service?
  12. Have a cleaning crew
    Would you rather buy online or in a store where you can try things on?
  13. I like buying In store more but usually buy online
    Same question
  14. Depends on the item, I do both...
    Would you rather drive a convertible or SUV?
  15. SUV-convertibles are just not my thing.
    Rather drive a Mercedes or an Audi?