Would You Rather....? (fun)

  1. have cats

    go to the beach or go to the park?
  2. The park

    Drive or walk?
  3. drive

    same question
  4. Walk, better for the health

    Watch a TV show or a film?
  5. TV show.

    NYC or Los Angeles?
  6. LA

    Dog or cat?
  7. Dog

    Swim or bike?
  8. Swim

    Go to the Netherlands or Germany?
  9. Germany for me, it would be boring to stay at home ;)

    Same q!
  10. Germany

    Car or suv ?
  11. suv

    Las Vegas or Chicago?
  12. chicago

    attend the summer or winter olympics
  13. Winter

    Meet Brad Pitt or George Clooney?
  14. George all the way

    Pierce Brosnan or Johnny Depp?
  15. Johnny Depp

    Bradley Cooper or Channing Tatum?