Would You Rather....? (fun)

  1. big yard with no pool

    Valentino heels or CL heels ?
  2. CL heels

    Red or pink nails?
  3. Red
    Same Q
  4. Usually pink

    Watch Olympic gymnastics or Olympic basketball
  5. Visiting the Zoo, Buying new jodhpurs and boots, maybe try and catch a movie.

    Watch the Olympics on TV or be there?
  6. watch on tv

    same question?
  7. watch TV on phone while I was there...hehe (better view on TV)

    have sunshine or rain today
  8. sunshine! I love the sun

    drink water or coffee
  9. right now...water

    take a nap or go to bed early
  10. Both (depending upon if i have to be up early the next day)

    Use a tissue or a hankerchief?
  11. tissue

    use a paper napkin or cloth
  12. cloth

    china dinnerware or porcelain dinnerware ?
  13. use china

    drink water or gatorade if you're really thirsty
  14. Water

    Drink red or white wine?
  15. Whie wine.

    Have dogs or cats ?