Would You Rather....? (fun)

  1. maxi dress

    stay up late or wake up early
  2. Stay up late.

    Chilled red wine or room temperature
  3. room temp

    buy a new or used car?
  4. Exercise for sure!

    Babysit or dogsit?
  5. both!

    drink soda or coffee for the rest of your life?
  6. coffee

    have excellent eyesight or hearing
  7. Eyesight.

    Sleep on the top or bottom of a bunk bed?
  8. bottom

    sell your shoes to fund more shoes?
  9. No.

    Skinny jeans or bell bottoms?
  10. ugh...neither

    go to the beach or to a pool
  11. pool

    Same Q
  12. Beach.

    Roller coaster ride or bungee jump?

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  13. Oh my God! I could never do either of them!

    Would you rather... own a lavish mansion but make average money OR own a small apartment but make lots of money?
  14. Small apartment, lots of money.

    Stay in door or be by poolside on a hot day?

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